Aircraft Landing Gear Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010

Aircraft Landing Gear Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010



  • To familiarize about the landing gear function, gear arrangement, wheel arrangements.
  • To provide guideline for servicing and bleeding of shock absorber assembly.
  • To familiarize about the different type of wheels and their construction.
  • To provide detail view about the construction, function, installation and servicing procedure of tube and tubeless tires.
  • To give proper conception about different type of brake assemblies and their construction, brake bleeding procedure and anti-skid system.
  • To familiarize with nose wheel steering system, purpose and function of shimmy dampers.
  • To provide practical guideline about the landing gear extension and retraction cycle operation.
  • Total system maintenance and servicing procedure.




To give understanding about landing gear and wheel arrangements, shock strut construction and servicing, wheel type and their construction, tire construction, brake assembly type, construction and bleeding, Anti-skid system, noise wheel steering system, function of shimmy dampers, landing gear extension and retraction, whole system maintenance etc.








1.1       Sketch the Layout of Landing Gear Arrangement

1.2       Describe the Shock Struts



2.1       Explain Alignment

2.2       Define Support

2.3       Illustrate Electrical Landing Gear Retraction System

2.4       Describe Hydraulic Landing Gear Retraction Systems

2.5       Describe Landing Gear Operation


  1. Describe Aircraft Landing Gear Emergency Extension System




4.1       Define Safety Switches

4.2       Define Ground Locks

4.3       Understand Gear Position Indicators

4.4       Explain Nose wheel Centering Devices




5.1       Enlist Nose Wheel Steering Construction

5.2       Explain Nose wheel Steering Operation

5.3       Describe Follow up Linkage




6.1       Explain Piston Type Shimmy Damper

6.2       Explain Vane-Type Shimmy Damper

6.3       Explain Steer Damper




7.1       Explain Independent Brake Systems

7.2       Explain Power Brake Control Systems

7.3       Explain Pressure Ball-check Brake Control Valve

7.4       Explain Power Brake Control Valve (Sliding Spool Type]

7.5       Explain Brake De-booster Cylinders

7.6       Explain Power Boost Brake Systems

7.7       Explain Nose Wheel Brakes




8.1       Demonstrate Single-Disk Brake.

8.2       Display Dual-Disk Brakes

8.3       Show Multiple-Disk Brakes

8.4       Explain Segmented Rotor Brake

8.5       Clarify Expander Tube Brake.


  1. Describe the Inspection and Maintenance of Brake Systems


9.1       State Gravity Method of Bleeding Brakes

9.2       Mention Pressure Method of Bleeding Brakes


  1. Express Aircraft Landing Wheels


10.1     Show Split Wheels

10.2     Explain Removable Flange Wheels

10.3     Describe Fixed Flange Wheels

10.4     Say about Wheel Bearings


  1. Describe Aircraft Tires


11.1     Enlist Aircraft Tire Construction

11.2     Define Tread

11.3     Show Prove Tread Reinforcement

11.4     Define Breakers

11.5     Show Casing Plies/Cord Body

11.6     Label Beads

11.7     Define Flippers

11.8     Identify Chafers

11.9     Identify Bead Toe

11.10   Show Bead Heel

11.11   Characterize Inner liner

11.12   Portray Tread Reinforcing Ply

11.13   Show Sidewall

11.14   Demonstrate Apex Strip

11.15   Enlist Aircraft Tire Care


  1. Explain Aircraft Tire Maintenance


12.1     Check Proper Inflation for Satisfactory Service

12.2     Verify for New Mountings

12.3     Allow for Nylon Stretch

12.4     Explain Tubeless Air Diffusion Loss

12.5     Understand Equalize Pressures

12.6     State Sources of Pressure Data

12.7     Understand Effects of Under Inflation

12.8     Observe Load Recommendations

12.9     Know about Nylon Flat-Spotting


  1. Explain Tire Inspection-Mounted On Wheel


13.1     Checking Leaks or Damage at Valve

13.2     Clarify Tread Injuries

13.3     Clarify Sidewall Injuries

13.4     When to Remove for Recapping

13.5     Understand Uneven Wear

13.6     Understand Wheel Damage


  1. Explain Tire Inspection-Tire Demounted


14.1     Give details Periodic Demounting

14.2     Clarify Probe Injuries

14.3     Clarify Repairable Injuries

14.4     Illustrate Sidewall Conditions

14.5     Show Bead Damage

14.6     Show Bulges-Broken Cords

14.7     Show Tubeless Tires-Bead Area

14.8     Show Liner Blisters

14.9     Define Thermal Fuse


  1. Describe Tube Inspection


15.1     Check for Proper Size

15.2     Check Valve Stems

15.3     Examine for Wrinkles

15.4     Observe Chafing

15.5     Inspect for Thinning

15.6     Inspect Fabric Base Tubes

  1. Describe Mounting and Demounting


16.1     Describe Tube Installation

16.2     Know about Lubrication

16.3     Requirement of Balance

16.4     Enlist Inflation Safety

16.5     Seating Tube Type Tires

16.6     Let Stand-Then Recheck

16.7     Enlist Demounting Safety

16.8     Handle Beads and Wheels With Care

16.9     Describe Tubeless-Split Wheels

16.10   Define Mounting

16.11   Define Demounting

16.12   Describe Tube Type Tires

16.13   Define Mounting

16.14   Define Demounting

16.15   Illustrate Removable Side Flange Drop Center Wheel

16.16   Define Demounting

16.17   Describe Smooth Contour rail Wheel Tire

16.18   Define Mounting

16.19   Define Demounting

16.20   Describe One Piece Drop Center Wheel.

16.21   Define Mounting

16.22   Define Demounting

16.23   Describe Flat Base Wheel Removable Flange Locking Ring

16.24   Define Mounting

16.25   Define Demounting


  1. Enlist Causes of Air Pressure Loss in Tubeless Aircraft Tires


17.1     Determine Venting of Tubeless Tires

17.2     Calculate Initial Stretch Period


  1. Explain the Wheel


18.1     Check Cracks or Scratches in the Bead Ledge or Flange Area

18.2     Check Corrosion or wear in Bead Ledge Area

18.3     Verify Poor Seating in Bead Area

18.4     Check for Knurls

18.5     Check for Porous Wheel Assemblies

18.6     Check for Sealing Surfaces

18.7     Check for Improper Installation of “0” Rings

18.8     Verify Wheel Tie Bolts

18.9     Clarify Tubeless Wheel Valve Holes

18.10   Verify Thermal Fuse Installation


  1. Describe Good Pressure Gage Practice


19.1     Describe Storing Aircraft Tires and Tubes

19.2     Avoid Moisture, Ozone

19.3     Discover Fuel and Solvent Hazards

19.4     Describe Stores in Dark

19.5     Tire Racks Preferred

19.6     Identify with Safe Tube Storage





  1. Describe Repairing


20.1     Understand Recapping Aircraft Tires

20.2     Determines Tires that May be Recapped

20.3     Determine Non recap able Tires

20.4     Determine Repairable Aircraft Tires

20.5     Determine Non repairable Aircraft Tires

20.6     Understand Spot Repairs


  1. Give Details of Operating and Handling Tips


21.1     Details of Taxiing

21.2     Tips of Braking and Pivoting

21.3     Describe Takeoffs and Landings

21.4     State the Condition of Landing Field

21.5     Define Hydroplaning


  1. Write about Tube Repair


  1. Write about Side wall Inflated Aircraft Tires


  1. Write about Tire Inspection Summary


  1. Explain Antiskid System


25.1     Explain Normal Skid Control

25.2     Define Skid Control Box

25.3     Define Skid Control Valves

25.4     Understand Pilot Control

25.5     Explain Locked Wheel Skid Control

25.6     Explain Touchdown Protection

25.7     Explain Fail-Safe Protection


  1. Explain Landing Gear System Maintenance


26.1     Understand Landing Gear Rigging and Adjustment

26.2     Describe Adjusting Landing Gear Latches

26.3     Mention Landing Gear Door Clearances

26.4     Understand Landing Gear Drag and Side Brace Adjustment

26.5     Describe Landing Gear Retraction Check




  1. To provide practical knowledge on shock absorber assembly
  2. To be familiarized with following of Brake Assemblies


2.1       Show Skill to Determine Single-Disk Brake.

2.2       Show Skill to Determine Dual-Disk Brakes

2.3       Show Skill to Determine Multiple-Disk Brakes

2.4       Show Skill to Determine Segmented Rotor Brake

2.5       Show Skill to Determine Expander Tube Brake.



  1. To get practical knowledge on Aircraft Landing Wheels


3.1       Show Skill to Determine Split Wheels

3.2       Show Skill to Determine Removable Flange Wheels

3.3       Show Skill to Determine Fixed Flange Wheels

3.4       Show Skill to Determine Wheel Bearings

  1. To Be Acquainted With Aircraft Antiskid System


  1. 5. To Provide Practical Knowledge On tire Inspection


  1. Tube Inspection As Per The Following Notes


6.1       Show Skill to Determine Proper Size

6.2       Show Skill to Determine Valve Stems

6.3       Show Skill to Determine Wrinkles

6.4       Show Skill to Determine Chafing

6.5       Show Skill to Determine Thinning

6.6       Show Skill to Determine Fabric Base Tubes



  1. Airframe Hand Book AC-65-15, FAA Publication, USA
  2. Haeco training manual: Training department, Australia
  3. A&P Tech, General Text Book: Jeppesen, USA






Enamul Haque                                                                      Anwar Hossain Khan

OJT Instructor                                                                         Deputy Chief Instructor

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