Aircraft Piston Engine System Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010

Aircraft Piston Engine System Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010:

  • To familiarize with different systems of Piston Engine.
  • To provide general knowledge and clear idea about piston fuel control system.
  • To provide clear conception about piston engine lubrication/oil system.
  • To give guideline about piston engine internal cooling & sealing system.
  • To provide basic knowledge about piston engine anti-icing and de-icing system.
  • To provide clear conception about piston engine ignition system.
  • To provide clear understanding about piston engine starting system
  • To give guideline about piston engine system maintenance procedure




Introduction to different type of piston engine fuel control, lubrication/oil, engine internal cooling & sealing, engine performance, piston engine anti-icing and de-icing system, piston engine ignition & starting system.






  1. Understand fuel Metering / Control System of Aircraft Piston Engine                        

1.1. Introduction.

1.2. Define Principle of carburetion.

1.2.1. Explain ‘U’ tube principle.

1.2.2. Explain Venture tube principle.

1.3. Describe about Carburetor.

1.3.1. Introduction.

1.3.2. Describe Different types of carburetor. Explain Simple carburetor. Discuss about Modified float type carburetor. Describe about Pressure injection type carburetor. Explain Fuel Injection type carburetor.

                        1.3.3. Explain the Components of carburetor.

                  1.3.4. Discuss about Effect of change of fuel.


  1. Describe the Introduction and Supercharging System of Aircraft Piston Engine

2.1. Introduction.

           2.2. Describe about Types of induction system.

                        2.2.1. Explain about non supercharged induction system.

                        2.2.2. Explain about Supercharged induction system.

                        2.2.3. Discuss about Water methanol injection system.

            2.3. Describe about Types of supercharger.

                        2.3.1. Explain internal driven supercharger.

                        2.3.2. Discuss about externally driven Supercharger

            2.4. Describe the Classification of supercharger.

                        2.4.1. Define Single stage.

                        2.4.2. Define two stages.


2.5. Discuss about engine performance.

                        2.5.1. Mass of air.

                        2.5.2. Temperature.

                        2.5.3. Pressure.

                        2.5.4. Engine design/grade of fuel.

            2.6. Explain about engine efficiency.

                        2.6.1. Thermal efficiency.

                        2.6.2. Mechanical efficiency.

            2.7. Explain about engine power ratings.

                        2.7.1. Idle power rating.

                        2.7.2. Cruise power rating.

                        2.7.3. Take-off power rating

                        2.7.4.. Maximum power rating.


  1. Comprehension Lubrication/Oil System of Aircraft Piston Engine

3.1. Introduction.

3.2. Describe piston engine oil rating.

     3.2.1. Viscosity.

     3.2.2. Pour point.

     3.2.3. Define flash point.

3.3. Describe about types of lubrication system.

     3.3.1. Explain wet sump system.

     3.3.2. Explain dry sump system.

3.4. Describe about system components.

3.5. Define breather/de-aerator.


  1. Understand Internal Cooling System of Aircraft Piston Engine

4.1. Introduction.

4.2. Describe types of cooling system.

4.2.1. Explain air cooling.

4.2.2. Explain water/liquid cooling.

4.3. Discuss about components of cooling system.

  1. Describe Anti-Icing System of Aircraft Piston Engine

5.1. Introduction.

5.2. Describe about system components.

5.2.1. Explain the hot air duct system.

5.2.2. Discuss about gapped ice guards system.

5.2.3. Explain alcohol injection system.

  1. Understand Ignition System of Aircraft Piston Engine

6.1. Introduction.

6.2. Describe the types ignition system.

6.2.1. Explain low voltage DC input system.

6.2.2. Explain high voltage AC input system.

            6.3. Describe about components of ignition system.

6.4. Explain about Igniter/spark plugs.

     6.4.1. Discuss about types of igniter/spark plugs.

6.5. Explain leads of ignition system.


  1. Describe the Starting System of Aircraft Piston Engine

7.1. Introduction.

7.2. Describe different Types starting system.

     7.2.1. Discuss about electrical starters.

     7.2.2. Explain direct cranking starter.

     7.2.3. Discuss about starter generator.

7.3. Explain starting procedure.

7.4. Discuss about precautions for starting.


  1. Indentify the different system of aircraft piston engine i.e. Fuel control system, Lubrication system, Cooling system, Anti-icing system, Ignition system and starting system.
  2. Demonstrate the operation, skill in oil servicing procedure.
  3. Demonstrate the disassembling, cleaning, inspection & assembling of carburetor
  4. Show skill in carburetor air filter removal, cleaning, inspection & fitting.
  5. Show skill in oil filters removal, inspection, cleaning & fitting.
  6. Demonstrate skill in spark plugs removal, inspection, cleaning & fitting procedure.
  7. Show skill in refueling & defueling of oil system.

Reference Books:

  1. A & P Technical Power Plant Text Book by Jeppesen
  2. A & P Mechanic Power Plant Hand Book FAA-AC65-12A

3. Aircraft Reciprocating Engines by Dale Crane

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