Aircraft Power plant and Maintenance Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010

Aircraft Power plant and Maintenance Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010

To provide understanding of powerplant configuration.
To familiarize with different types of indicating system of piston engine and turbine engine.
Give ideas and knowledge on servicing and maintenance of piston engine and turbine engine.
To give the ideas and knowledge on inspection and repair of piston engine and turbine engine.
Make understanding of disassembly and assembly of piston engine and turbine engine.
To give understanding of preservation, de-preservation and storage of piston engine and turbine engine.
To give understanding about troubleshooting and overhaul of piston engine and turbine engine.


Short Description:

Introduction to the power plant configuration including indicating system, servicing, maintenance, inspection, repair, disassembly, assembly, testing, trouble shooting, preservation, de-preservation, storage and overhaul of both reciprocating engine propeller and turbine engine.

Detail Description



Reciprocating Engine


  1. General/ Introduction


  1. Introduction to engine service life

2.1 Determination of service life of Reciprocating Engine

2.1.1 Manufacturer’s recommended Time Between Overhaul (TBO)

2.1.2 Define Attrition Factors Describe wear Describe corrosion Introduce improper maintenance

2.2 Classification of servicing

2.2.1 Inspection procedure Preflight inspection Fifty hour inspection .1 Describe ignition system maintenance Describe fuel & induction system maintenance Describe lubrication system maintenance Describe exhaust system maintenance Describe cooling system maintenance Cylinders maintenance and inspection .7 Turbocharger maintenance and inspection Introduce Hundred Hours inspection Preliminary paper work Pre-inspection run-up Describe compression check Narrate lubrication system inspection Describe ignition system inspection .6 Introduce to fuel system inspection Induction system inspection Exhaust system inspection 9 Turbocharger inspection Cooling system inspection Electrical system inspection Accessories & Control inspection Post Inspection run-up and record


  1. Understanding of Overhaul

3.1 Top overhaul

3.2 Major overhaul

3.3 Recommendations


  1. Understanding of Major Overhaul

4.1 Disassembly

4.2 Cleaning

4.3 Inspection

4.4 Assembling


  1. Understanding of Repair

5.1 Crankcase

5.2 Crankshaft

5.3 Cylinders

5.4 valves and valve spring

5.5 Piston & piston rings

5.6 Connecting rod

5.7 Camshaft

5.8 Valve operating mechanism


  1. Understanding of Reassembly

6.1 Cylinders

6.2 Piston & rings

6.3 Crankshaft

6.4 Crankcase

6.5 Final assembly


  1. Understanding of Testing

7.1 Test facilities

7.2 Preparation

7.3 Run

7.4 Installation and test flight


  1. Understanding of Engine Troubleshooting

8.1 Engine is hard to start

8.2 Engine fails to start

8.3 Does not develop full static RPM

8.4 Does not develop rated power

8.5 Low engine oil pressure

8.6 High oil consumption

8.7 High cylinder head temperature

8.8 Low engine fuel pressure

8.9 High engine fuel pressure

8.10 High engine manifold pressure


Turbine Engine


  1. Understanding of Inspection & Maintenance

9.1 Describe types of maintenance

9.1.1 Line maintenance Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Compressor field cleaning Scheduled line maintenance Unscheduled line maintenance

9.1.2 Heavy/Shop maintenance Power plant removal Shop maintenance

9:1.3 Cold & Hot section maintenance Compressor repair Stator vane and compressor case repairs

9.1.4 Combustion section visual inspection & repair

9.1.5 Turbine and exhaust section inspection

9.1.6 Turbine case & wheel inspection

9.2 Creep & untwist inspection

9.3 Marking of parts inspection



  1. Understanding of Bearing and Seals

10.1.1  Describe bearing handling and maintenance

10.1.2  Magnetism check

10.1.3  Bearing installation


  1. Understanding of Power Plant Installation

11.1     Configuration of firewalls

11.2     Cowlings, acoustic panels

11.3     Engine mounts

11.4     Engine hoses, pipes, feeders, connectors.

11.5     Wiring looms, control cables & rods.

11.6     Lifting points and drains



Turbine Engine Maintenance


  1. Understanding of Maintenance

12.1 Describe Modular Engine Maintenance

12.2 Test cell maintenance

12.3 Run data

12.3.1  Corrected RPM

12.3.2  Corrected EGT

12.3.3  Corrected fuel flow

12.3.4  Corrected mass flow

12.3.5  Time Before Overhaul (TBO)


  1. Understanding of Engine Monitoring and Ground Operation

13.1 Procedure for starting & engine run-up

13.2 Interpretation of engine power output & parameters

13.2.1  Normal operating procedures Pre-start inspection Procedure to engine start Instrument check during starting cycle Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)

13.2.2  Typical high power check

13.2.3  Normal shutdown procedure

13.2.4  Emergency shutdown procedure

13.2.5 Engine hung start

13.3 Air start procedure

  1. Understanding of Engine Storage & Preservation

14.1     Long-term storage of engine and its accessories with all systems

14.2     Short-term storage of engine and its accessories with all systems

14.3     De-preservations of engine and its accessories with all systems


  1. Understanding of Troubleshooting Procedure




  1. Understanding of Propeller Storage and Preservation

15.1 Describe CAA, CAIP’s recommendations’

15.2 Describe propeller preservation (In situ)

15.3 Long-term storage procedure

15.3.1  Describe Long-term storage of controllable pitch propellers

15.3.2  Long-term storage of governors & accumulators

15.4     Short-term storage

15.4.1  Short-term storage of controllable pitch propellers

15.4.2  Short-term storage of governors & accumulators

15.5     Propeller de-preservations



Detail Description:

  1. Show skills in removal & installation of an engine from the aircraft.
  2. Show skills in identify the mounting points of the engine.
  3. Show skills in removal & installation of the panels of engine during maintenance.
  4. Identity and distinguish different gauges/indicators of the engine.
  5. Show skills in servicing methods of engine.
  6. Show skills in documenting different types of engine maintenance records.
  7. Show skills in identifying of different inspection methods of engine.
  8. Show skills in repair, assembly & disassembly methods
  9. Show skills in preservation, de-preservation & storage methods of engine & its components.











  1. Jet Engine Rolls Royals.
  2. A & P Technician power plant text book.
  3. Aircraft gas turbine engine technology third edition by – Irwine. E. Treager.
  4. Aircraft reciprocating engines. By Dale Crane
  5. FAA-H-8083-32: AMT Handbook: Engine, Volume 1&2

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