Aircraft Structural Repairs Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010

Aircraft Structural Repairs Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010:


  • To provide conception about the standard and specification of hardware materials and their type, material code, temper designation identification process.
  • To provide knowledge about wood & wood structure of an aircraft.
  • To make familiar with reinforced plastic & epoxy composite materials.
  • To give guideline about rivet spacing/rivet formula as per the classification and location of damage.
  • To make skill in installation/removal of rivets
  • To make skill in forming countersink and dimpling
  • To provide clear conception on the purpose/principle of repair and different classification of damage.
  • To give knowledge on some terminology of minor repair, some repairing tools and their operation.
  • To make familiar with the repair procedure of aircraft structure and structural components.
  • To make skill in repair of wood and plastic structure.




To provide knowledge about standard and specification of hardware materials, material code of rivets, their spacing, criteria about countering and dimpling process, their installation and removal procedure, principle of repair and classification of damage, repair procedure of metallic, wood and plastic structure and their different structural parts and components.






  1. Introduction
  2. Understand the purpose of Aircraft Structural Repairs
  3. Comprehension of the Wood Structure

3.1.       List the types of wood & application

3.2.       Mention the disease of wood & environmental controls

3.3.       Define Ply wood

3.4.       Distinguish between glues & paste

3.5.       Describe paint & protective finishes.

3.6.       Describe storage & condition control


  1. Outline the different types of Reinforced Plastic

4.1.       Explain glass, fiber & reinforced plastic

4.2.       Define thermosetting plastic

4.3.       Define thermoplastic


  1. List the use of epoxy composite materials
  2. Explain about aircraft fabrics and their use
  3. Rewrite the specification of hardware materials
  4. Summaries the type of rivets, their material, code and identification procedure.
  5. Reproduce the temper designation of aluminum alloy rivets
  6. Understand the procedure of installation and removal of aircraft rivet
  7. Skill in forming of counter shank and dimpling
  8. Out line the rivet spacing or rivet layout formula
  9. Calculate shear, bearing and tensile strength of rivet
  10. Familiar with the application of tools for repair job

14.1      Describe hand brace and power operated twist drill

14.2      Describe Rivet gun, its use and care

14.3      Mention the use of bucking bar and extended bucking bar


  1. Understand the classification of Aircraft Damage

15.1      Define negligible damage

15.2      Explain the damage repairable by patching

15.3      Explain the damage repairable by insertion

15.4      Explain the damage necessitating replacement of parts.


  1. Define and explain the following Terminologies

16.1      Grinding

16.2      Burnishing

16.3      Burr

16.4      Corrosion

16.5      Crack

16.6      Cut

16.7      Dent

16.8      Erosion

16.9      Chattering

16.10    Galling

16.11    Gauge

16.12    Inclusion

16.13    Nick

16.14    Pitting

16.15    Scratch

16.16    Score

16.17    Stain

16.18    Upsetting


  1. Understand the following Aircraft Typical Repair

17.1      Small hole repair

17.2      Replacement of skin panels

17.3      Repair of sheet metal ribs

17.4      Splicing of sheets.

17.5      Stringer and flange splices

17.6      Repairing of cracked structure.


  1. Identify different types of Blind Rivets

18.1      Describe the cherry rivets.

18.1.1   Self plugging type

18.1.2   Pull-through hollow type.

18.2      State the Explosive rivets

18.3      Mention the use of rivnuts

18.4      Explain Hi-sheer rivets


  1. Define the following Metal Forming Terminologies

19.1      Bumping

19.2      Crimping

19.3      Stretching

19.4      Shrinking

19.5      Folding

  1. Describe how to Relief a Hole


  1. Describe how to Repair a Laminated Structure with the Following Materials

21.1      Honey comb sandwich material

21.2      Repair of metal faced laminates

21.3      Replacement of core repair

21.4      Repair of honey comb sandwich with riveted doublers.

21.5      Inspection of laminated and bonded seams.

21.6      Router and template honeycomb repair tools.


  1. Illustrate the Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft Plastic Materials

22.1      Mention the type of plastic

22.2      Explain the optical consideration

22.3      Describe the cleaning and handling plastics

22.4      Describe cutting and drilling plastics

22.5      Define cementing plastics

22.6      Describe installation of acrylic sheet

22.7      Explain the repair of cracks.


  1. Understand the Inspection for Abnormal Occurrences

23.1      Introduction

23.2      Describe the damage for jet blast

23.2.1   Flying control surfaces

23.2.2   Windscreen/ windows

23.2.3   Engine air intake

23.2.4   Structure (light a/c)


23.3      Explain the activities of Heavy or over Weight Landing

23.3.1   Landing gear

23.3.2   Weighs

23.3.3   Fuselage

23.3.4   Engine

23.3.5   Tail unit

23.3.6   Engine runs


23.4      Enlist Burst Tire Incidents & Explain the Following

23.4.1   The burst wheel

23.4.2   The other wheels

23.4.3   The affected leg

23.4.4   Secondary areas


23.5      Understand the Flight Through Severe Turbulence


23.6      Understand the Lightning Strikes

23.6.1   Mention the primary areas

23.6.2   Mention the secondary areas



  1. Show Skill in Identifying Aircraft Hardware


  1. Show Skill in Identifying Repairing & Riveting Equipment


  1. Show Skill in Aircraft Repair.


  1. Show Skill in Installation and Removal of the Following
  • common rivet
  • countersink rivet


  1. Show Skill in Minor Repair
  • Small hole repair.
  • Replacement of skin panels
  • Repair of sheet metal ribs


  1. Show Skill in Major Repair

6.1        Explain the damage repairable by patching

6.2        Explain the damage repairable by insertion

Reference Books


  1. Haeco training manual

Australian training centre

2.         Airframe & Power Plant MechanicsAirframe Hand book – AC 65-15A

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


3.         A & P Technician Airframe Textbook: EA –ITP – A 2


4.         Aircraft Bonded Structure

(Training Manual) by Dale Crane

Aviation maintenance Publications INC.


5.         Airframe & Power Plant Mechanics

General Hand book – AC 65-9A

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)




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