All Saints’ Day Facts 2019 – Happy All Saints Day

All Saints’ Day Facts are very important to celebrate the day. Today, all Christians and non-Christians from Western countries and the rest of the world are celebrating All Saints Day. It is the festival after Halloween.

All Saints’ Day is celebrated on November 1st in Western Christianity and the first Sunday following Pentecost in Eastern Christianity. Many people searching, How to celebrate the All Saints’ Day 2019? So, they will get ways and facts to celebrate this festival.

All Saints’ Day Facts 2019

There are too many Facts available to celebrate festivals. Day by day people finds out more ways and facts. So, It is not possible to add all ways or Facts on here for you. You can just get idea from this post.

  • All Saints’ Day in Mexico falls on the same day as the beginning of the Day of the Dead, which honors infants and children who have died.
  • On All Saints’ Day, Portuguese children go door to door receiving gifts of sweets, candies, nuts, and cakes, similar to Halloween.
  • Songs that are commonly sung on All Saints’ Day include “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God”, “Sine Nomine”, and For All the Saints”.
  • Shakespeare referred to All Saints’ Day as Hallowmas.
  • All Souls’ Day follows All Saints’ Day. All Souls’ Day celebrates the departed who are not yet purified and therefore have not yet reached Heaven.
  • The liturgical color of All Saints’ Day is white.
  • The first All Saints’ Day was celebrated in Rome in May of 609, under Pope Boniface IV.
  • Some believe that All Saints’ Day is the result of Greek Christian tradition from the 4th century when a festival was held to honor saints and martyrs on the Sunday following Pentecost.
  • Pope Gregory IV made All Saints’ Day a holiday in 837.
  • Mexico celebrates All Saints’ Day with a week-long celebration. This celebration includes festivals, parades, and dances.

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