Assignment Class 9 Math Answer 2020-4th Week

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education is publishing weekly assignments in the light of the 30-day short syllabus for 6th to 9th class students to assess the country’s secondary level students as schools are closed due to Kovid-19; 3rd assignment of 9th (9th) class (scheduled assignment) has been published on 12 November 2020 as part of weekly assignment publication program; Earlier, 1st assignment and 2nd assignment of 9th class have been published.

Assignment Class 9 Math

Class 8 2nd and 3rd-week assignment syllabus are available on our website now. In the first week syllabus, class 8 students had to complete several tasks. You can get every subject assignment syllabus from our website.

Creative question: 02

Figure 1: Irregularly shaped polygons:

A. What is the length of BC?
B. What is the circumference of the EFG semicircle?
C. What is the range and area of ​​ABCDEFG?

Creative Question: 03, 2nd Figure: Balanced Polygon:

A. What is the area of ​​AOPQ?
B. What is the area of ​​a balanced polygon?
C. Do you think it is easier to determine the area between an irregular shape and a balanced polygon?

Class 9 Math Assignment Answer

As the syllabus of class 9 is far more diverse than other classes, the students will face challenges the most here. It might take a lot of study and patience to complete the math assignment for class 9.


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