Bangladesh Railway Train Tracker Service 2020

Train Tracker BD or Train Location BD is now important for all passengers. Bangladesh Railway Train Tracker Service updated. Hello Guys, Are you searching How can Track Bangladesh Railway Train? The train service is very popular in Bangladesh. A large Number of Peoples are all-time Journey by Train. All the Trains are Maintain Bangladesh Railway Schedule. You are Waiting at the Station But the Train late coming and your Purpose is delayed. If you knowing the Train Tracking System you can Check Where the Train is now. Don’t Worry.

Here, this post has the BD Train Tracking System. through the BD train tracker from your mobile. You are knowing Where the Train Realtime. It’s a GPS Monitoring System. Bangladesh Railway passengers can get the real-time status (GPS/GPRS based) of their needed train of Journey, by sending an SMS to 16318 in your Mobile Phone. All the Operator in BD Successfully Provides train location bd System by an SMS.

Bangladesh Railway Train Location 2020

Bangladesh Railway Train Tracking service is available for Mobile users. Do you want to know any Train Location of Bangladesh? You can now check it quickly from Mobile SMS. We have added the Official Mobile SMS System here.

If you Want Journey by Train and need to know Where the Train now. No tension. You can see the BD Train Location in your Mobile Phone, Just Send One Message by any Operator SIM Card. If you want to more details about Bangladesh Railway Train Tracker Service, Just Continue Reading the Post

BD Train tracker Mobile SMS System

Currently, All operators in BD Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink, Teletalk, Airtel Provide the BD Train Tracking facility from their mobile phone simple by SMS. If you want to Track BD Train Just Follow the Instruction.

  1. Go to your Mobile message option, and Type:

TR <space> Train Code

2. Send the Message to 16318.

For Example, If you want to go from Dhaka to Dinajpur by Ekota express and you need to know the Current location now where this train location bd. If you know the Ekota express Train Code Number. In this case, you go in your mobile message option and can be writing

TR <space> 705 and Send to 16318

Train Code for BD Train Tracker

Train Name Start From Destination Train ID Train Code
Jamuna Tarakandi Dhaka 746 jamuna
Meghna Chandpur Chittgong 730 meghna
Barendra Chilahati Rajshahi 732 baren
Upakul Noakhali Dhaka 711 upakul
Dhumketu Dhaka Rajshahi 769 dhum
Shirajgonj Ex Shirajgonj Dhaka 775 siraj
Dolanchapa Dinajpur Santahar 768 dolan
Sundarban Dhaka Khulna 726 sundar
Titumir Rajshahi Chilahati 733 titu
Kapotaskh Khulna Rajshahi 715 kapot
Bhramanputra Dewangonj Dhaka 744 brahma
Parabat Dhaka Sylhet 709 para
Sagardari Rajshahi Khulna 762 sagar
Egaro Pro D Kishorganj Dhaka 738 egaropd
Subarna Chittagong Dhaka 701 subarna
Madhumati Rajshahi Goalonda G. 756 madhu
Kaloni Sylhet Dhaka 774 kaloni
Shonar Bangla Dhaka Chittagong 788 sona
Maitree Kolkata Dhaka Cantt 3108 moitreed
Rupsha U Khulna Saidpur 727 rubshau
Egaro Pro U Dhaka Kishorganj 737 egaropu
Bijoy Ex Chittagong Mymensing Jn 785 bijoy
Tista Dhaka Dewangonj B 707 tista
Silk city Rajshahi Dhaka 754 silk
Provati Dhaka Chittagong 704 provati
Rupsha D Saidpur Khulna 728 rubshad
Nilsagar Dhaka Chilahati 765 nil
Moitree Dhaka Cantt Kolkata 3107 moitreeu
Haor Ex Mohanganj Dhaka 778 haor
Joyantika Dn Sylhet Dhaka 718 joyantd
Chitra Khulna Dhaka 763 chitra
Paharika Up Chittagong Sylhet 719 paharu
Rangpur Ex Dhaka Rangpur 771 rang
Drutajan Dinajpur Rangpur 758 druta
Aghnibina Dhaka Tarakandi 735 agni
Ekota Dhaka Dinajpur 705 ekota
Paharika Dn Sylhet Chittgong 720 pahard
Kishorgonj Ex Dhaka Kishorganj 781 kishor
Lalmoni Dn Lalmonirhat Dhaka 752 lald
Joyantika Up Dhaka Sylhet 717 joyantu
Mohanogor Ex Chittagong Dhaka 721 moha
Egaro god D Kishorganj Dhaka 750 egarogd
Dolanchapa Santahar Dinajpur 767 dolan
Titumir Chilahati Rajshahi 734 titu
Kapotaskh Rajshahi Khulna 716 kapot
Mohangonj Ex Dhaka Mohangonj 789 mohan
Silk city Dhaka Rajshahi 753 silk
Kishorgonj Ex Kishorganj Dhaka 782 kishor
Subarna Dhaka Chittagong 702 subarna
Godhuli Chittagong Dhaka 703 godhuli
Tista Dewangonj Dhaka 708 tista
Parabat Sylhet Dhaka 710 para
Barendra Rajshahi Chilahati 731 baren
Madhumati Goalonda Ghat Rajshahi 755 madhu
Upakul Dhaka Noakhali 712 upakul
Padma Rajshahi Dhaka 760 padma
Sagardari Khulna Rajshahi 761 sagar
Kaloni Dhaka Sylhet 773 kaloni
Jamuna Dhaka Tarakandi 745 jamuna
Aghnibina Tarakandi Dhaka 736 agni
Shirajgonj Ex Dhaka Shirajgonj 776 shiraj
Shonar Bangla Chittagong Dhaka 787 sona
Meghna Chittagong Chandpur 729 meghna
Bhramanputra Dhaka Dewangonj 743 brahma
Egaro god U Dhaka Kishorganj 749 egarogu
Simanta D Chilahati Khulna 748 simad
Chitra Dhaka Khulna 764 chitra
Drutajan Dhaka Dinajpur 757 druta
Rangpur Ex Rangpur Dhaka 772 rang
Bijoy Ex Mymensing Jn Chittagong 786 bijoy
Sundarban Khulna Dhaka 725 sundar
Mohanogor Ex Dhaka Chittagong 722 moha
Simanta U Khulna Chilahati 747 simau
Nilsagar Chilahati Dhaka 766 nil
Udayan Dn Sylhet Chittgong 724 udayd
Udayan Up Chittagong Sylhet 723 udayu
Upaban Up Dhaka Sylhet 739 upabanu
Upaban Dn Sylhet Dhaka 740 upaband
Lalmoni Up Dhaka Lalmonirhat 751 lalu
Ekota Dinajpur Dhaka 706 ekota
Turna U Chittagong Dhaka 741 turnau
Padma Dhaka Rajshahi 759 padma
Dhumketu Rajshahi Dhaka 770 dhum
Turna D Dhaka Chittagong 742 turnad
Mohangonj Ex Mohanganj Dhaka 790 mohan
Haor Ex Dhaka Mohanganj 777 haor
Karotoa Up Santahar Burimari 713 karou
Karotoa Dn Burimari Santahar 714 karod


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