Business Organization & Communication Syllabus


• To be able to understand the basic concepts and principles of business organization.
• To be able to understand the banking system.
• To be able to understand the trade system and stock exchange activities in Bangladesh.
• To be able to understand the basic concepts of communication and its types, methods.
• to be able to perform in writing , application for job, complain letter & tender notice.

Principles and objects of business organization; Formation of business organization; Banking system and its operation; Negotiable instrument; Stock Exchange; Home trade and foreign trade.
Basic concepts of communication Communication model& feedback; Types of communication; Methods of communication; Formal & informal communication; Essentials of communication; Report writing; Office management; Communication through correspondence; Official and semi- official letters.


1 Understand business organization.
1.1 Define business.
1.2 Mention the objects of business.
1.3 Define business organization.
1.4 State the function of business organization.

2 Understand the formation of business organization.
2.1 Define sole proprietorship, partnership, joint stock company. and co-operative
2.2 Describe the formation of sole proprietorship, partnership , joint stock company, & co operative.
2.3 Mention the advantages and disadvantages of proprietorship, partnership and joint stock company.
2.4 State the principles of Co operative & various types of Co operative.
2.5 Discuss the role of co-operative society in Bangladesh.

3 Understand the banking system and negotiable instrument.
3.1 Define bank.
3.2 State the service rendered by bank.
3.3 Describe the classification of bank in Bangladesh.
3.4 State the functions of Bangladesh Bank in controlling money market.
3.5 State the functions of commercial Bank in Bangladesh
3.6 Mention different types of account operated in a bank.
3.7 Mention how different types of bank accounts are opened and operated.
3.8 Define negotiable instrument.
3.9 Discuss various types of negotiable instrument.
3.10 Describe different types of cheque.
3.11 Define letter of credit.

4 Understand the home & foreign trade
4.1 Define home trade & foreign trade.
4.2 Describe types of home trade.
4.3 Differentiate between whole sale trade and retail trade.
4.4 Define foreign trade.
4.5 Mention the advantages and disadvantages of foreign trade.
4.6 Mention the classification of foreign trade.
4.7 Discuss the import procedure & exporting procedure.
4.8 Discuss the importance of foreign trade in the economy of Bangladesh.

5 Understand the basic concepts of communication
5.1 Define communication & business communication.
5.2 Describe the scope of business communication.
5.3 State the objectives of business communication.
5.4 Discuss the essential elements of communication process.

6 Understand the communication model and feedback.
6.1 Define communication model.
6.2 State the business functions of communication model.
6.3 Define feedback .
6.4 State the basic principles of effective feedback.
6.5 Explain the essential feedback to complete communication process.

7 Understand the types of communication.
7.1 Explain the different types of communication.
7.2 Distinguish between upward and downward communication.
7.3 Define two-way communication.
7.4 Describe the advantages and disadvantages of two-way communication.
7.5 Define formal & informal communication.
7.6 Describe the advantages and disadvantages of formal & informal communication.
7.7 Distinguish between formal and informal communication.
8 Understand the methods of communication.
8.1 Define communication method.
8.2 Discuss the various methods of communication.
8.3 Describe the advantages and disadvantages of oral communication.
8.4 Describe the advantages and disadvantages of written communication.
8.5 Distinguish between oral and written communication.

9 Understand the essentials of communication.
9.1 Discuss the essential feature of good communication.
9.2 Describe the barriers of communication.
9.3 Discuss the means for overcoming barriers to good communication.

10 Understand the report writing.
10.1 Define report , business report & technical report.
10.2 State the essential qualities of a good report.
10.3 Describe the factors to be considered while drafting a report.
10.4 Explain the components of a technical report.
10.5 Distinguish between a technical report and general report.
10.6 Prepare a technical report.

11 Understand the office management.
11.1 Define office and office work.
11.2 State the characteristics of office work.
11.3 Define filing and indexing.
11.4 Discuss the methods of filing.
11.5 Discuss the methods of indexing.
11.6 Distinguish between filing and indexing.

12 Understand the official and semi-official letters.
12.1 State the types of correspondence.
12.2 State the different parts of a commercial letter.
12.3 Define official letter and semi-official letter.
12.4 Distinguish between official letter and semi-official letters.
12.5 Prepare the following letters: Interview letter, appointment letter, joining letter and application for recruitment. Complain letters, tender notice.

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