CAD & Graphic Design Syllabus Diploma in computer Engineering

  • To develop the skills for drawing & designing by CAD package.
  • To develop the ability to design graphical objects including text, color and images.
  • To develop Knowledge and skill on Graphics Animation



Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Quark Xpress.



Auto CAD


1.         Drawing Lines, Arcs and Circles


  • Install a general-purpose drawing and design software (Auto CAD) and dedicated PCB design & simulation software.


  • Setup the drawing area and paper size.
  • Identify different menus and dialog boxes of CAD packages.


  • Use the commands to draw lines, rectangles using polar and rectangular coordinates.
  • Create pline and spline using single and 3D POLY commands.
  • Draw circle, arc, donut, ellipse and simple construction lines.
  • Use the command for freehand sketches.


  1. Editing and modifying objects.
    • Select and erase the objects using different technique.
    • Duplicate the objects using copy/grips, offset, mirror and array command.
    • Rearrange the objects using move and rotate commands.
    • Resize the objects using stretch, scale, extend, trim and length commands.
    • Break the objects.
    • Explore the objects.
    • Chamfer and fillet the objects.

3.            Dimension layers and hatch pattern.
  • Use commands to set up the dimension variables and scale.
  • Create and edit linear, angular, diameter, radius and ordinate dimensions.
  • Dimension multiple objects.
  • Create leads and annotations.
  • Create and name the layers.
  • Make current layer and control layer visibility.
  • Freeze, lock and unlock layers.
  • Set layer color & line type.
  • Create and edit line text, paragraph text.
  • Insert text from outside of CAD.


  1. Create a simple schematic diagram and PCB layout.
    • Run any professional PCB layout packages.
    • Load the layout drawing (symbols, pads, lines, components, etc.) from the components library.
    • Configure the system for units and co-ordinates.

4.4       Edit the PCB layout and simulate the circuit using appropriate circuit simulation software

4.5       Print Single layer PCB layout in a tracing paper by using a Printer/Plotter


Adobe Photoshop

  1. Work with Image, Image Color and Channels
    • Install Adobe Photoshop Software
    • Change image size, resolution and canvas size.
    • Practice with foreground and background color, opacity and feather.
    • Change the color with the help of color piker.
    • Practice with Hue, HSB, bitmap and gray color.
    • Practice on creating Channel, RGB Channel, CMYK Channel and multi Channel
    • Practice on Using various Palettes
  2. Work with Painting and Editing
    • Practice on using Painting, Painting tools, editing tools.
    • Practice on using Paint Bucket tools and Brush tools.
    • Use lasso selector tools including freelance and point base lasso selector tools.
    • Practice with magic wind tools and pen tools.
    • Practice with path builder and anchor point.
    • Practice with smudge, sharpen, lighten and dark tools.
    • Practice with rubber stamp, healing and patch tools.
  3. Work with layer, filter and color mapping and adjusting.
    • Practice on creating layers, arrange layers ,merge layers and link between layers.
    • Practice on using filter, destructive filters, stylize filters, high pass filter and noise filter.
    • Practice on using gradient tools, eyedropper tools.
    • Practice on using color mapping and adjusting.
    • Practice on using erase and pencil, custom shape tools.
    • Practice on using bevel emboss, color range and layer linking.
  4. Work with projects
    • Design a Shopping Bag/Calendar/Gift Box/ Bill Board/Cover Page etc.
    • Print an image with color separation.


Adobe Illustrator

  1. Work with objects, layers and path to draw and edit objects.
    • Install Adobe Illustrator Software.
    • Practice on using rectangles, ellipses.
    • Practice on using polygon tool, star tool and spiral tool
    • Practice on using group selection tools.
    • Practice on creating layers, edit layers, lock & hide layers, merge layers, arrange layers, move or copy items between layers.
    • Draw paths (Open and Close Paths)
    • Apply anchor point tool, delete anchor point tool and convert direction point tool.
    • Edit path with smooth tool, erase tool, reshape tool, scissor tool and knife tool.


  1. Work with coloring and transformation of objects
    • Demonstrate the usage of brushes palette, fill and stroke.
    • Demonstrate the usage of eyedropper and paint bucket tool.
    • Practice on using color palette, color models and custom colors.
    • Practice with transformation tool .
    • Practice with transform palettes, align palettes and pathfinder palette.
    • Practice with divide/trim/merge/crop/outline tool.
    • Practice on using Hard and Soft command.


  1. Work with text, typography, effects, chart & graph and filters
    • Practice with type tool, point text, area text and link text.
    • Type text on a path and move text along a path.
    • Practice on different commands of character palette and paragraph palette.
    • Practice with Tab palette and MM design palette.
    • Practice with special effect on text/objects.
    • Practice and using charts and graphs
    • Practice on creating filter, distort filters and stylize filters


  1. Work with projects
    • Design Greeting Card/Calendar/Post Card etc.
    • Print the project



  1. Work with basic elements of page makeup program, Palettes, Style Sheet and Master Page
    • Install Quark Xpress Software
    • Practice on using Page make up
    • Change measuring units.
    • Practice on tracking, kerning, leading, paragraph, justification and hyphenation.
    • Set up column, margin, registration marks and screens.
    • Demonstrate the operations of global control and local control.
    • Practice on tools, measurement palette.
    • Demonstrate the functions of palettes.
    • Practice on creating and editing Style sheet.
    • Practice on creating and editing Master Page
    • Apply master page with a document


  1. Work with text and picture boxes
    • Practice on creating new text box, Insert, edit and import text in the text box.
    • Practice on Linking and Unlinking text boxes.
    • Align, rotate, setup colors and shades in the text.
    • Practice on creating picture box, changing the size, location and shape of picture box.
    • Import and add graphics in a picture box.
    • Apply colors and shades of picture box.


  1. Work with layout features, character and paragraph
    • Practice on drawing arrow line, end caps line and frame.
    • Practice on creating new frame style.
    • Practice on using bullets and lists.
    • Practice on Applying character spacing, tracking and kerning.
    • Practice on using horizontal & vertical scaling, hyphenation and justification
    • Practice on using leading.






  1. AutoCAD

–          Samuel A Mallick

–           Engr. Md. Shah Alam


  1. Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator/Quark Xpress
    1. Bappi Ashraf
    2. Mahbubur Rahman
    3. Shajahan Sajib
    4. Azizur Rahamn
    5. Reference Copy Adobe Corporation Publication

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