CAD & Graphic Design

• To develop the skills for drawing & designing by CAD package.
• To develop the ability to design graphical objects including text, color and images.
• To develop Knowledge and skill on Graphics Animation

Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Quark Xpress.

Auto CAD

1. Drawing Lines, Arcs and Circles

1.1. Install a general-purpose drawing and design software (Auto CAD) and dedicated PCB design & simulation software.

1.2. Setup the drawing area and paper size.
1.3. Identify different menus and dialog boxes of CAD packages.

1.4. Use the commands to draw lines, rectangles using polar and rectangular coordinates.
1.5. Create pline and spline using single and 3D POLY commands.
1.6. Draw circle, arc, donut, ellipse and simple construction lines.
1.7. Use the command for freehand sketches.

2. Editing and modifying objects.
2.1. Select and erase the objects using different technique.
2.2. Duplicate the objects using copy/grips, offset, mirror and array command.
2.3. Rearrange the objects using move and rotate commands.
2.4. Resize the objects using stretch, scale, extend, trim and length commands.
2.5. Break the objects.
2.6. Explore the objects.
2.7. Chamfer and fillet the objects.

3. Dimension layers and hatch pattern.
3.1. Use commands to set up the dimension variables and scale.
3.2. Create and edit linear, angular, diameter, radius and ordinate dimensions.
3.3. Dimension multiple objects.
3.4. Create leads and annotations.
3.5. Create and name the layers.
3.6. Make current layer and control layer visibility.
3.7. Freeze, lock and unlock layers.
3.8. Set layer color & line type.
3.9. Create and edit line text, paragraph text.
3.10. Insert text from outside of CAD.

4. Create a simple schematic diagram and PCB layout.
4.1. Run any professional PCB layout packages.
4.2. Load the layout drawing (symbols, pads, lines, components, etc.) from the components library.
4.3. Configure the system for units and co-ordinates.
4.4 Edit the PCB layout and simulate the circuit using appropriate circuit simulation software
4.5 Print Single layer PCB layout in a tracing paper by using a Printer/Plotter

Adobe Photoshop
5. Work with Image, Image Color and Channels
5.1. Install Adobe Photoshop Software
5.2. Change image size, resolution and canvas size.
5.3. Practice with foreground and background color, opacity and feather.
5.4. Change the color with the help of color piker.
5.5. Practice with Hue, HSB, bitmap and gray color.
5.6. Practice on creating Channel, RGB Channel, CMYK Channel and multi Channel
5.7. Practice on Using various Palettes
6. Work with Painting and Editing
6.1. Practice on using Painting, Painting tools, editing tools.
6.2. Practice on using Paint Bucket tools and Brush tools.
6.3. Use lasso selector tools including freelance and point base lasso selector tools.
6.4. Practice with magic wind tools and pen tools.
6.5. Practice with path builder and anchor point.
6.6. Practice with smudge, sharpen, lighten and dark tools.
6.7. Practice with rubber stamp, healing and patch tools.
7. Work with layer, filter and color mapping and adjusting.
7.1. Practice on creating layers, arrange layers ,merge layers and link between layers.
7.2. Practice on using filter, destructive filters, stylize filters, high pass filter and noise filter.
7.3. Practice on using gradient tools, eyedropper tools.
7.4. Practice on using color mapping and adjusting.
7.5. Practice on using erase and pencil, custom shape tools.
7.6. Practice on using bevel emboss, color range and layer linking.
8. Work with projects
8.1. Design a Shopping Bag/Calendar/Gift Box/ Bill Board/Cover Page etc.
8.2. Print an image with color separation.

Adobe Illustrator
9. Work with objects, layers and path to draw and edit objects.
9.1. Install Adobe Illustrator Software.
9.2. Practice on using rectangles, ellipses.
9.3. Practice on using polygon tool, star tool and spiral tool
9.4. Practice on using group selection tools.
9.5. Practice on creating layers, edit layers, lock & hide layers, merge layers, arrange layers, move or copy items between layers.
9.6. Draw paths (Open and Close Paths)
9.7. Apply anchor point tool, delete anchor point tool and convert direction point tool.
9.8. Edit path with smooth tool, erase tool, reshape tool, scissor tool and knife tool.

10. Work with coloring and transformation of objects
10.1. Demonstrate the usage of brushes palette, fill and stroke.
10.2. Demonstrate the usage of eyedropper and paint bucket tool.
10.3. Practice on using color palette, color models and custom colors.
10.4. Practice with transformation tool .
10.5. Practice with transform palettes, align palettes and pathfinder palette.
10.6. Practice with divide/trim/merge/crop/outline tool.
10.7. Practice on using Hard and Soft command.

11. Work with text, typography, effects, chart & graph and filters
11.1. Practice with type tool, point text, area text and link text.
11.2. Type text on a path and move text along a path.
11.3. Practice on different commands of character palette and paragraph palette.
11.4. Practice with Tab palette and MM design palette.
11.5. Practice with special effect on text/objects.
11.6. Practice and using charts and graphs
11.7. Practice on creating filter, distort filters and stylize filters

12. Work with projects
12.1. Design Greeting Card/Calendar/Post Card etc.
12.2. Print the project

13. Work with basic elements of page makeup program, Palettes, Style Sheet and Master Page
13.1. Install Quark Xpress Software
13.2. Practice on using Page make up
13.3. Change measuring units.
13.4. Practice on tracking, kerning, leading, paragraph, justification and hyphenation.
13.5. Set up column, margin, registration marks and screens.
13.6. Demonstrate the operations of global control and local control.
13.7. Practice on tools, measurement palette.
13.8. Demonstrate the functions of palettes.
13.9. Practice on creating and editing Style sheet.
13.10. Practice on creating and editing Master Page
13.11. Apply master page with a document

14. Work with text and picture boxes
14.1. Practice on creating new text box, Insert, edit and import text in the text box.
14.2. Practice on Linking and Unlinking text boxes.
14.3. Align, rotate, setup colors and shades in the text.
14.4. Practice on creating picture box, changing the size, location and shape of picture box.
14.5. Import and add graphics in a picture box.
14.6. Apply colors and shades of picture box.

15. Work with layout features, character and paragraph
15.1. Practice on drawing arrow line, end caps line and frame.
15.2. Practice on creating new frame style.
15.3. Practice on using bullets and lists.
15.4. Practice on Applying character spacing, tracking and kerning.
15.5. Practice on using horizontal & vertical scaling, hyphenation and justification
15.6. Practice on using leading.


4. AutoCAD
 Samuel A Mallick
– Engr. Md. Shah Alam

5. Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator/Quark Xpress
a. Bappi Ashraf
b. Mahbubur Rahman
c. Shajahan Sajib
d. Azizur Rahamn
e. Reference Copy Adobe Corporation Publication

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