Class 6 English Assignment Answer (4th week) Solution

If you want to find the answer to the sixth grade English assignment. Welcome to my post. I have attached English assignment answers for the fourth week of sixth grade in this post. My answers have been prepared by an experienced teacher.

Those of you who have yet to have sixth grade English have not passed the standard. We have brought for you a complete answer sheet. From here you can answer all English questions. Hope you can complete the assignment in a good way through this post.

Class 6 English Assignment Syllabus & Answer

Assignment syllabus is provided for each class and for each subject. Each student has to study according to that assignment then the assignment has to answer each question. The better he can present the answers, the higher the number. If you study the math chapters carefully, you will get very high marks. I added I’m down.

Class 6 English Assignment

Home Work: Have You Ever Visited a Railway Station and or Bus Station? How Are They Similar or Dissimilar? Narrate Your Experience There in 200 Words Answering The Following Question:

  1. When Did you go There?
  2. Who Accompanied You?
  3. Why Did you Go There?
  4. What Did you see there?
  5. What was Very Interesting to you?
  6. What Didn’t You like That much?
  7. And Some Visuals that Support your ideas

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