Class 9 English assignment Answer (4th week) Solution

If you are looking for the answer to the class 9 English fourth-week assignment then you are welcome. I will provide the answers to the class 9 chemistry fourth-week assignment in this article.

Due to the global coronavirus situation, the annual test will not be held in Bangladesh this year. Therefore, as per the instructions of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, every student from class VI to IX has made an assignment and made a rule to submit it to their respective schools.

In its continuation, the Board of Education has been publishing assignments every week since the beginning of November. From that assignment, I am going to discuss Class 9 English Assam in the fourth week today.

Are you looking for the answer to the ninth grade English SMS in the ninth grade? Then this post is for you. In this post, you will find all the answers in the English section of the fourth week of class 9.

Rules for Writing Class 9 English Assignments

It is said that for the first time, the results of the annual examination will be announced with an assignment. For this, many students are worried about writing the assignment. Being away from school all year round. Many people do not understand how to write an assignment. We have answered all the questions of the assignment in our post to make it easier for you.

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Class 9 english assignment

Note: Assignment Class 9 Math Answer 2020-4th Week


Ans: Unit and Title of the Lesson:

  • Unit-5: Lesson-1: The Greed of the Mighty Rivers
  • Unit- 5: Lesson-3: Man and Climate

Meherjan is a typical (1) ……………….. woman who lives in a slum. She lost her shelter and properties (2) ………………… the erosion of the river Jamuna. She also lost her family. Her husband had died of diseases caused by poverty and (3) ……………… Now, she is only a (4) ………….. Like Meherjan there are many people who have become the (5) …… of river erosion. River erosion is still posing (6) ………………… to the lives and properties of thousands of people. People living (7) ………………… the rivers are the most likely victims of river erosion. Each year about (8) ………………… people become homeless due to river erosion in Bangladesh. Meherjan’s life is just one (9) ………………… of how climate change (10) ………………… the lives of thousands of people

ans:1)homeless 2) due to 3) shortage of food 4) slum dweller 5) victims 6)threats 7)close to 8) one lakh 100000 9) example 10) affects.

Task-02: Unit- 5: Lesson-3: Man and Climate (Home Work: Section D)

21 November 2020The Editor
The Daily Star, Dhaka
Subject:- concern about growing deforestation in my area.Sir,
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I want to express my concern
about growing deforestation in my area.
Most of the trees are cut. The people who live near my locality comes to cut
the trees. They cut trees without any permission. There is no plantation also. It
is very bad for the environment. The results of deforestation are bad. There is
an increase in temperature. The people who used to take rest under trees,
are not able to do so.
There is an imbalance in my locality. People should know the value of
afforestation. The minimum 33% area should be covered by forest (plants) to
maintain a proper ecological balance.
So, I will be obliged if my article finds a place in some corner of your
newspaper to spread awareness.Thanking You
Yours Truly
Jiyarul Alam