Comilla Zilla School Admission Result 2021

If you are looking for all the information of Comilla Zilla School Admission Result 2021, then this rain is just for you. Parents are worried about the admission of their children to study in government schools in Bangladesh. Comilla Zilla School is one such government high school where countless students have submitted application forms for admission in 2021. The Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh has selected suitable candidates for admission through the lottery in view of the number of students who have submitted their applications online from 15th December to 27th December.

Out of all the students who submitted their application forms to Comilla Zilla School for the academic year 2020-2021 on 30th December 2020, the results of the candidates who passed the lottery have been published on the Comilla Zilla School Official Website. Admission Result, Lottery Result, Admission Information, Admission Date, and all Admission Papers are discussed in this content. So that a parent or an admitted student can easily know the result of their lottery.

You are aware that for the 2021 academic year, a handful of students have passed the lottery to give all government secondary schools in Bangladesh the opportunity to study through the lottery. The results of the lottery suitable for admission in Comilla district school are mentioned here. The content has been sorted to get the desired Comilla District School Admission Result 2021. So let’s find out.

Comilla Zilla School Admission Circular 2021

Comilla Zilla School Admission Circular 2020 has been published by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh on 13 12 2020. In view of this, many students have submitted application forms with 120 non-refundable exams in Bangladesh Taka through Teletalk SIM. In that light, the results of Comilla Zilla School Admission Test 2021 have been published.


How to get admission in Comilla district school?

Those who have been selected for admission in Comilla Zilla School, which is a part of British Council, will be able to know all the information by checking the official website of Comilla Zilla School very soon. All that is required for admission will be informed online through the official notice board.