Computer Application -1

• To develop skill to use computer and computer operating system.
• To perform skill on using word processing software packages to create documents.
• To perform skill on using presentation software packages for documents presentation..
• To perform skill on using Internet and e-mail for sending and receiving documents.


Computer hardware System, Operating Systems, perating system environment, Customizing and configuring operating System files; Utility software and Anti viruses; Fundamentals of word processing; Create Simple documents; Print and preview the document; Manage files; Format the documents; Merge files; skill on presentation software, skill on Internet, e-mail and web browsing.

1. Show skill on computer hardware.
1.1 Identify the main components of Personal Computer.
1.2 Identify the CPU components and commonly used I/O devices and memories.
1.3 Identify Primary and secondary storage devices & demonstrate the maintenance of the devices.
1.4 Identify the allied equipment used with PC system(UPS, Stabilizer band IPS).
1.5 Make the cable connection of PC system, UPS and printer with power line.
1.6 Turn ON the power Switch and demonstrate booting effect of PC system.
2 Practice on windows operating system environment.
2.1 Observe the windows Screen and identify each item on desktop.
2.2 Show the function of start button & taskbar.
2.3 Start and quit programs.
2.4 Switch between programs.
2.5 Open and close a document.
2.6 Find something using find command.
2.7 Start a program by using run command.
3 Practice on customizing and configuring windows operating system.
3.1 Change system setting (say, system date, time, password, etc).
3.2 Configure the taskbar, shortcuts, desktop items etc.
3.3 Install driver software & configure printer, plotter, mouse & other PC equipment.
3.4 Use windows explorer for copy, move, delete or rename files and folder.
3.5 Add items to the start menu.
3.6 Create a shortcut on the desktop.
3.7 Customize windows i.e. desktop colors, patterns, wallpaper, screen saver, etc.
4 Practice on advance features of windows operating system and disk utilities.
4.1 Use windows efficiently (i.e. copying, moving files quickly).
4.2 Organize your applications into groups (i.e. creating & deleting a group).
4.3 Install a new application program.
4.4 Back up, compare and restore files.
4.5 Freeze disk space (i.e. check your system’s disk space, delete unnecessary files).
5 Practice on Disk Operating System(DOS).
5.1 Restart the computer in DOS mode.
5.2 use internal and external DOS commands.
5.3 Create,delete and view directories.
5.4 Change directories.
5.5 Use wild card in DOS mode.
6 Perform skill in managing disk.
6.1 Format and unformat a disk.
6.2 Create a system disk.
6.3 Make a system disk.
6.4 Restore directories and files.
6.5 Recover files from defective disks.
7 Perform skill in working with files and folder.
7.1 Organize files and folders.
7.2 Copy files (copy a single file, a group of files).
7.3 Rename a file.
7.4 Delete files (delete a single file, a group of files).
7.5 Copy directories & sub directories.
7.6 Show directories such as directory tree directory name, paths, and the current directory.
8 Perform skill in working with utilities software and anti viruses.
8.1 Run anti virus software (say Toolkit, Norton Anti virus, PC cillin, Kaspersky etc) and scan for viruses.
8.2 Protect the computer from viruses.
8.3 Run utility software such as PC, Tools, NC, NU, etc.
8.4 Use utility software for copying, renaming, deleting and moving folders or files.
8.5 Develop keyboard skills by standard touch typing rules using typing tutor packages.
9 project1: Connect each part of a personal computer(PC) ,operate it with windows operating system and install / uninstall programs/softwares.

10 Practice on creating a simple document using word processor.
10.1 Open windows based word processor and identify the different elements of the editing window.
10.2 Type text, edit text using word processor.
10.3 Select text and modify the text.
10.4 Save the document then quit & reopen the document.
10.5 Copy, move, and delete text.
10.6 Copy from one word document to another.
11 Practice on working with graphics and drawing.
11.1 Import graphics using insert picture command.
11.2 Use clipboard to insert art.
11.3 Resize graphics, crop graphics with mouse and with picture command.
11.4 Open drawing tools bar.
11.5 Draw a textbox and write text to it.
11.6 Draw graphs using different objects from the drawing tools bar.
11.7 Group, Ungroup, rotate and flip objects.
11.8 Fill drawn items with different color, change line styles, arrow heads, line colors & shades of gray.
12 Show skill on managing file.
12.1 Open previously saved documents.
12.2 Open documents form or within word.
12.3 Open non-word documents.
12.4 Open documents as read only.
12.5 Find files, searching by file names, dealing with large lists, Searching inside documents.
12.6 Save under a different file name and save to other location.
12.7 Save in non-word formats.
12.8 Make backup files for safe keeping and recover damaged file.
13 Show skill on formatting a document.
13.1 Change document margins.
13.2 Set margin with the page setup dialog box.
13.3 Drag margins in pint preview.
13.4 Pint in the margins.
13.5 Repaginate documents.
13.6 Force page breaks and force paragraphs to start on a new page.
13.7 Move and delete page breaks.
13.8 Keep things (lines, paragraphs, etc.) together on a page .
14 Show skill in selecting characters and fonts.
14.1 Format the character with the formatting toolbar.
14.2 Create and use different options of font dialog box.
14.3 Create keyboard shortcuts for character formatting.
14.4 Underline text (double, single, dotted, etc) and create bold Italicized character.
14.5 Expand and condense character spacing.
14.6 Create superscripts and subscripts and color character.
14.7 Demonstrate the change case command.
14.8 Remove and toggle to remove character formatting.
14.9 Type special characters and symbols using the symbol command.
14.10 Bullet the existing paragraphs.
14.11 Type new bullet lists, change bullet styles and specify custom bullets.

15 Practice on paragraphs, line spacing, borders and shading.
15.1 Create paragraphs and split text into multiple paragraph.
15.2 Join and delete paragraphs.
15.3 Format the paragraph with the formatting toolbar, paragraph dialog box & keyboard shortcuts.
15.4 Index paragraphs automatically and index with the ruler, toolbar keyboard shortcuts and with paragraph dialog box.
15.5 Align and justify text and a adjust the space between lines such as single spacing, double spacing etc.
15.6 Create and remove borders and shading.
15.7 Create lines with the border command.
15.8 Show the border toolbar.
15.9 Show custom border and lines increase the space between border and text.

16 Practice on tables and Perform skill in modifies table design.
16.1 Create a simple table using table button & table menu.
16.2 Enter and edit text in a table.
16.3 Select cells, columns, rows group of cells and the whole table.
16.4 Add rows at the end and in the middle of a table, than delete rows.
16.5 Change row heights, and resize rows with cell height and width.
16.6 Change the spacing between rows.
16.7 Insert columns at the right edge and in the middle of a table, then delete the columns.
16.8 Change column and cell width with the ruler and the auto fit bottom.
16.9 Marge cells.
16.10 Change the space between columns merge different cells.
17 Project 2 : Create a complete document(such as a personal bio-data) with MS Word in Bengali and English using all necessary formating with graphics,table and save it in a created folder.
18 Practice on previewing & printing.
18.1 Connect printer to computer and keep paper in the printer tray.
18.2 Open page setup dialogue box and set the paper size.
18.3 Show print preview to adjust document.
18.4 Open print dialog box options to print document.
18.5 Show, use and leave print dialog box.
Presentation Software:
19 Create a powerpoint Presentation .
19.1 Identify the different components of MS powerpoint package.
19.2 Design templates.,colour schemes, animation schemes etc.
19.3 Add/delete slides in the Presentation .
19.4 Add pictures, graphs, charts and other objects into slides.
19.5 Animate text and other objects in a very attractive way or motion.
19.6 Save and execute the slides.
20 Enhance powerpoint Presentation.
20.1 Use sound effects and custom path of animation effects in the Presentation
20.2 Add video clips.
20.3 View slides of powerpoint Presentation in different ways(for exmple outlining,slide shorer etc.).
20.4 Reorder slides on the outline tab.
20.5 Preview and print the Presentation .
21. Perform attracive Presentation using MS powerpoint.
21.1 Customize slide show setup for a prticulr audiance.
2 1.2 Setup a slide show, rehashing and timing of a Presentation .
21.3 Review and adjust slide timing as per requirements.
21.4 Perform skill on Packaging for CD and Show the Presentation .
22. Perform skill on Internet applications.
22.1 Connect to the Inernet using dial up or broadband connection.
22.2 Identify the different components of browsing softwares like Internet explorer, mozila firefox etc.
22.3 Browse and visit the reputed websites all over the world.
22.4 Use the search engines for searching informaion on the web.
22.5 Read news papers from the Internet.
23. Perform skill on Electronic mailing system.
23.1 Create an e-mail account (on yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.)
23.2 Compose an e-mail message.
23.3 Attach file to an e-mail message and open an attached file.
23.5 Send and receive e-mil messages by using your created account..
23.6 Delete messages temporarily and permanently.
23.5 Sign out from your created e-mail account

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