DBBL Credit Card Reward Point [Earnings and Withdrawals]

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited- DBBL has introduced point-by-point rewards for credit card customers. According to the previously introduced system, customers could withdraw cash. But now more than 10 departments of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited Credit Card have jointly canceled the cash withdrawal process and introduced rewards up to 100% waiver of the renewal fee.

If your DBBL credit card is clean enough, you can waive the 100% renewal fee.

So your able earned credit points are helpful for a renewal fee waiver. However, the distribution system of those credit points is a little different in shape so reward points cannot be used easily.

We usually get two categories of prize point distribution. One section has Visa and MasterCard and the other section has Gold and Classic cards.

Reward points for Visa / MasterCard and Gold and Classic credit cards

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited Authority Visa Classic Credit Card, Visa Credit Card, Master Classic Credit Card, and Master Gold Credit Card users can avail the following benefits.

Reward Basis Point Slab Reward
For every BDT 50/USD $1 =1 Point Up to 499 points No facility
500 points 50% waiver on the annual fee
1000 points 100% waiver on an annual fee

Receive prizes for Visa Platinum and MasterCard Titanium credit cards

Visa Platinum and MasterCard Titanium card users will get 1.5 points for using 1 USD and the same points for using 50 BDT. These accrued points will only appear in the balance section of Nexaspe-which can only be used for credit card renewal.

If you are a BDT or USD user of that kind, the prizes are presented in the box below.

Reward Basis Point Slab Reward
For every BDT 50/USD $1 =1.5 Point Up to 999 points No facility
1000 points 50% waiver on the annual fee
1500 points 100% waiver on the annual fee

If you want to get any information about the prize points published by Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL), we suggest you to let us know in the comments below so that we can cooperate with your overall information.