Details about Media Streaming and it’s Example

Streaming or media streaming is an Electronics Trans-receiving System. It also is told that, Streaming is a Technique for transferring data by a channel or transmission media can be process as a steady and continuous stream. Two types of live streaming we use daily. One of audio streaming and another is video streaming. The Example of audio streaming is listening music online or listening free online music player. The example of video streaming is watching live videos in stay tune or shared video hosting streaming servers. Now a days it is an easy matter to listen music, song, radio program from online radio stations free! The entire radio episode broadcast from radio streaming audio server. Imagine, you need to download a country music. Then you search it on search engine mean google. Now you can easily search by free online country music or free tune downloads. Then you need to choice right option. For this you need to play music online by Auto Tune App, it is called live streaming or audio streaming. This is an auto generated acknowledgment. This applicant is design and parking on a secure streaming hosting. I can provide you another example for video streaming. This is a most popular video hosting, powered by google is called you Tube. On You Tube, you can watch video live streaming and also can download the video from it. There are four kinds of video streaming available. MPEG-i (Moving Picture Expert Group), MPEG-ii, MPEG-iv and Apple (Real Time Player)
If you Think, You need to learn more about streaming or media streaming please click the below link and go to Wikipedia for learn more.

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