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IVVR (Interactive Voice and Video Response) is an extension of IVR (Interactive Voice

This service combines voice and video, which gives 3G subscriber magical and
wonderful experience. It is a new value-added service for Bangladeshi mobile subscriber. 3G
subscribers dial the IVVR short code (22345), a video menu list will appear to the subscriber’s
handset for choice. Then the subscribers can press the button and enjoy the video based on
their demands.

IVVR Service Details
Video on Demand (VOD):Video on demand (VOD) is a systems which allow users to select and
watch to video content on demand. Here subscriber can dial video call to IVVR platform where
the video will be enlisted in the menu and by pressing DTMF the demanded video file will be
chosen to watch.

Subscription through IVVR
VOD can be subscribed through IVVR on 22345 short code.When you first dial video call to
22345 please follow the video and voice instruction press DTMF to Subscribe and enjoy your
video content.
· Press 1 for Song
· Press 2 for News
· Press 3 for Entertainment
· Press 4 for Fun
· Press 5 for lifestyle
· Press 6 for Religion
· Press 8 for Greetings (Under Development)
Subscription through SMS
You can active VOD service through IVVR SMS also. Go to your handset’s message option &
· For Subscription: PX and send to 22345 (e.g.P1, P2, P3, P4, P5)
· For confirmation:Y and send to 22345
· To stop auto-renew: Stop and send to 22345
· For checking remaining Usage time: RM and send to 22345
· For Help: H and send to 22345
SMS Keyword
Keywords Functionality
P1 15 min. for 1day -10 tk.
P2 30 min. for 7day – 20 tk.
P3 70 min. for 15day – 40 tk.
P4 150 min. for 30day – 75 tk.
P5 320 min. for 30day – 150 tk.
Y For confirmation
Stop To stop Auto-renew
RM For checking remaining Usage time
H For help
Tariff: There are two ways of charging:
· Per content charging- Flat
· Subscriptionbasedcharging – Validity
Per content charging- Flat
Itisafixedrateservicefortheusersforviewingthecontentper clip.
· BDT2* / Videocontent
· BDT 5* / Videocontent
Browsing fee: BDT 0.20* /min applicable for the above charging.
Subscriptionbasedcharging – Validity


Package Usage Time Validity Price*
1 15min 1 day BDT 10
2 30 min 7 day BDT 20
3 70min 15 day BDT 40
4 150min 30 day BDT 75
5 320min 30 day BDT 150
Browsing fee: BDT 0.20* /min and Auto Renewal applicable for the above packs
* 15% VAT Applicable for all above price.
No extra charges will be applicable to watch the Menu contents.

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