Dhaka Express Bus Ticket Counter Number, Ticket Price

Dhaka Express Bus Ticket Counter Number, Ticket Price! Hello Guys, Are you looking. Dhaka Express Ticket Counter, Online Ticket Booking System, Ticket Price? In this post available here all information about Dhaka Express. It’s a Right Place here we provide you with the full information about Dhaka Express Counter Address, Ticket Price. Every day many Passenger Journey by Dhaka Express Bus. So, It’s very urgent to know Dhaka Express Counter Number, Ticket Price, Online Booking System, and more. The Bus has AC/NON AC BUSES regular running to the Whole of Bangladesh from Dhaka.

If you want to Journey by Dhaka Express. we hope that Dhaka Express is the best Bus for your Journey from Dhaka to another Place. All peoples want to know how can buy a ticket and the Ticket Price. So, we added all more updated information for all Dhaka Express passengers to know about this bus service Contact Number and Ticket Price info. Just Continue Reading the full Content and get a full idea about Dhaka Express. You May Also Like: Silk Line Bus

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Dhaka Express Ticket Counter

Dhaka Counters

Head Office
Phone: 02-7553160, 044-78335507, 01970-180607, morning-01924-787550, afternoon-01811-265907.

Manik Nagar
Phone: 02-7545838, 044-78335505, 01970-180606.

Hujur Bari
Phone: 044-78335506

Phone: 02-7193725, 01683-564838.

Phone: 01711-242461, 01915-555780.

Phone: 01912-226923, 01823-210626.

Shyamoli adabar
Phone: 01817-514263, 01911-471347.

Mirpur-1 No
Phone: 02-8058315, 01911-471347.

Mirpur-10 no
Phone: 01712-082607

Phone: 01740-616433

Phone: 01747-184934

Phone: 044-78335500, 01970-180601.

Phone: 044-78335501, 01970-180602.

Phone: 044-78335502, 01970-180603.

Phone: 044-78335503, 01970-180604.

Phone: 044-78335504, 01970-180605.

Rayour Counters

Raipur Bus Station
Phone: 01772-098662, 01680-824746

Phone: 01729-044993, 01819-935587.

Phone: 01961-872440, 01819-510631.

Phone: 01828-155858

Dalal Bazar
Phone: 01926-959518, 01718-111279.

Battali office
Phone: 01717-741075, 01715-609127.

Phone: 01713-600175

Phone: 01721-731269

Phone: Morning – 01761-559212, Afternoon- 01928-336239, 01846-218315, Night- 01735-761301.

West Market (north of the street)
Phone: 01716-228808, 01716-567811.

Maju Chowdhury Hat
Phone: 01718-732709, 01715-979357.

Hajir para
Phone: 01713-635092

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