Dipjol Enterprise Counter Number

Dipjol Enterprise is a Bus Operator in Bangladesh.Dipjol Enterprise Ticket Counter Location (Address) and Contact Number is available in this post. First, we are very happy to see you here. If you are looking for the Counter number of Dipjol Enterprise in your Area, just find out your Location now. We have added all popular Location Ticket Counter Address and Mobile number for the passenger.

You can book a ticket by Calling to the Counter number. You can also book Dipjol Enterprise Bus Ticket Online on SHOHOZ.COM and other Travel agency.

Dipjot Enterprise Counter Number

Dipjol enterprise counter numbers & ticket in Dhaka:

  • Counter:   Gabtali Bus Terminal
  • Mobile Number:1882004521
  • Counter: Technical Mor
  • Mobile Number:01882004523
  • Counter: Kallyanpur (Sohrab Pump)
  • Mobile Number: 01882004524,
  • Counter: Kallyanpur (Khaja Super Market, Mirpur)
  • Mobile Number: 01882004525
  • Counter: Shyamoli
  • Mobile Number: 01882004526
  • Counter: Asad Gate
  • Mobile Number:01882004527
  • Counter: Savar
  • Mobile Number: 01882004528
  • Counter: Nobinagar
  • Mobile Number: 01882004529
  • Counter: Chandra
  • Mobile Number: 01882004531
  • Counter: Baipail
  • Mobile Number:01882004530

Dipjol enterprise counter numbers &  ticket in Shirajgonj:

  • Counter:Sirajganj (Road)
  • Mobile Number: 01882004533
  • Counter:Sirajganj (Girani Bazar)
  • Mobile Number: 01882004532

Dipjol Enterprise Counter numbers & Ticket in Bogra:

  • Counter: Sherpur
  • Mobile Number: 01882004534
  • Counter: Tithonia
  • Mobile Number: 01882004537
  • Counter:Shatmatha
  • Mobile Number: 01882004538

Dipjol Enterprise Counter numbers & Ticket in other locations:

  • Counter: Muroil
  • Mobile  Number: 01882004540
  • Counter:Dhupchachia
  • Mobile Number: 01882004539
  • Counter: Shantahar
  • Mobile Number: 01882004542
  • Counter:Choumuhoni
  • Mobile Number: 01882004541
  • Counter:Shantahar
  • Mobile Number: 01882004542
  • Counter:Naugaon
  • Mobile Number: 01882004543

Dipjol Enterprise Road Service Information & Route:

Departure place Arrival place
Dhaka Bogra
Dhaka Sirajgonj
Dhaka Shatmatha
Dhaka Shantahar
Dhaka Naugaon
Bogra Dhaka
Sirajgonj Dhaka
Shatmatha Dhaka
Shantahar Dhaka
Naugaon Dhaka

Dipjol Enterprise Fare per person:

Destination Departure Ticket Price
Bogra Dhaka   400. TK
Sirajgonj Dhaka   300. TK
Shatmatha Dhaka   350. TK
Shantahar Dhaka   350. TK
Naugaon Dhaka   400. TK

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