Diploma in Engineering Architecture Technology

Introduction: Architecture is a Popular and attractive department on Diploma in Engineering education system. If you ask why it is popular department? It is popular because it is an only department for work in home. In another word, it is eligible for independent. Without this it is more popular and important for women or girls because they can’t read in another department like Civil, Electrical, Construction, Mechanical, Power and more. They chose it, because they can work it easily from home or in office.

Education Details: Total education time of Architecture Technology against diploma in engineering is four year. This education year divided in two steps. First 3.5 Year academic dependable and last 0.5 Industrial Training. Its diploma in Engineering Technology code is 61 and all departmental subject code start from 61.
Higher Education Chance: After completing diploma in Architecture Engineering Course, you can apply for any Government or Non-Government Institute worldwide for higher education on Architecture Technology.

Subject List and Code: In Architecture Technology here available both Departmental and Non-Departmental subject. Now, here we have provided it with category for think of your helpful.

Departmental Subject List: Architectural Graphics (6111), Architectural Design and Planning 1 (6121), Architectural Design and Planning 2 (6131), Architectural Design and Planning 3 (6141), Computer Aided Grafting (6142), Basic Design (6143), Architectural Design and Planning 4 (6151), Working Drawing 1 (6152), Architectural Design and Planning 5 (6161), History of Architecture 2 (6162), Digital Visualization (6163), Professional Practice (6164), Landscape Design (6165), Model making (6166), Architectural Project (6171), Working Drawing 2 (6172), Interior Design (6173), Specification and Contract (6174), Modern Architecture (6175) and Urban Planning (6176).

Other Departmental Subject: Here also available some other department subject. Now we provide it under.
Electrical, Electronics and computer departmental Subject: Basic Electricity (6711), Basic Electronics (6811), Computer Application 1 (6621) and Computer Application 2 (6632).

Civil Departmental Subject: Surveying 1 (6432), Geo Technical Engineering (6441) Estimating and costing 1 (6442), Surveying 2 (6443), Structural Mechanics (6433), Construction Process 2 (6455), Environmental Engineering 1 (6453), Theory of Structure (6454) and Design & Structure 1 (6463).

Architecture Job Sector: There are too many Designing and Planning Job sector available in all places. You may know that Architecture is the primary level for all construction. So, Architecture Engineering needed conform for and building, road construction, bridge and tower. There are many popular job sectors available online. An Architecture Engineering can work as a freelancer in any planning and another related job sector.

Conclusion: We recommend you if you are a girl to read n Diploma in Architecture Technology because it is easy and very simple for you. Its Job sector also comfortable for you. Boys can also Read it and can earn more money online.

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