EU Rules of Data Transfer Made trouble for Tech Companies

The ruled came from Europe’s highest court concerning of electronic data transfer regulating agreement which is a 15-year-old with the US and finally that was invalid, as a result huge quantities of US companies of technology got into a great trouble to do business abroad with legal standard for the rules. The Justice court of Europe has announced the rule that the agreement of the US Safe Harbor was not enough for protecting the rights and privacy of the ordinary citizens. The rule came into a response for a complaint of privacy activist, which was filed to the regulatory authority of Ireland.
The complaint was made by an Austrian law student named Maximillian Schrems and his complaint was that he shared some information on Facebook, which is maintained from Dublin- its headquarters in Europe and he was not able to share it in a third country lack of proper safeguards.


U.S. informant Edward Snowden’s disclosures demonstrated that sufficient insurances were not set up to shield private citizens from probing by the government U.S. or different organizations that may utilize their own information for unapproved and unlawful observation, Schrems guaranteed. The Irish administrative powers must look at Schrems’ protestation and choose whether to suspend the exchange of all information to Facebook in light of the fact that it doesn’t secure individual information enough, the rule came from court.

Privacy Rights Reinforced

It is not only the case of Facebook, emphasizing the company, or something else that is said by Advocate General and they did not make any wrong. “Many other companies including Facebook, depends on some of the methods which are prescribed by EU law to transfer data legally from Europe to the US, out of Safe Harbor,” the statement is provided from the company to the E-Commerce Times by Jodi Seth, a spokesperson. “It is basic that EU and U.S. governments guarantee that they keep on giving dependable strategies to legal information exchanges and resolve any issues, identifying with national security.” The decision draws a “reasonable line” regarding the capacity of outsider nations to accumulate private information, and the U.S. mishandled those laws to keep an eye on private natives, Schrems asserted.


“The choice is a noteworthy blow for the U.S. government observation that depends intensely on private accomplices,” he included. “The judgment makes it clear that U.S. organizations can’t just guide U.S. undercover work endeavors infringing upon the rights of European central.”

Legal Limbo

In spite of the reaction, the officials of the US argued that it made much plaintiff in his presentation and the court has accepted it as a fact, and it is said that the administration of Obama has taken necessary steps to develop the level of accountability and transparency in the US process of intelligence-gathering.


On the other hand, officials of European have noted that they are working actively with the US officials to reform the rule of data transferring and utilizing and said that they are also working to reserve the privacy of the European citizens.

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