Fiber Optical Cable Details

Optical Fiber Cable Mainly Created by Too many Glasses. It has a Electrical to Light Energy converter in the 1st Step and Light to Electrical Energy Converter in the last step.


System of Fiber Optic Cable:
Digital Signal – Electrical to Light Energy converter – Fiber Optic – Light to Electrical Energy Converter – Digital Signal.
Optical Fiber can’t Transmit Electrical Signal. It needs to convert Electrical Signal to Light Signal before Transmit Signal.


It has Three Category:
• Jacket (Sheath)
• Cladding
• Fiber Core

Feature of Optical Fiber:
• The Cable Cost of Optical Fiber is Too Lot
• The Installation & Requirement cost too Lot
• Installation Process is Difficult
• Data Transmission Speed High (1,86000 mile/Sec)
• No Transmission Loss in This System
• Maximum Transmission Rate 10 Kilometers Distance

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