Four officials fired for the embezzlement of Bangladesh Bank’s money in Rangpur

There was a widespread irregularity in the Vault of Bangladesh Bank Rangpur branch. Due to irregularities, the officials of Rangpur branch have suspended the officials. On Thursday, the general manager of the branch dismissed their suspension on charges of irregularity in the Vault of Rangpur branch.

Bangladesh Bank Executive Director Sirajul Islam confirmed the matter to the journalists. Four officials left out are Mona note examiners Sajed Mohammad Khaled, Shamim Mia, Shefali Begum, and Rabeya Bashari. Four of them were first class officers.

An official unwilling to publish the Rangpur branch of the bank said that a number of officers were employed to calculate the old torn rupee notes, including the daily transactions of the bank. Their currency notes are called test takers. Recently a huge amount of money has been received from the department of calculating the money. Later, the matter was not found in the investigation. Four officials have been suspended in connection with the incident.

A bank source said, the four officials stole the bank’s money. Calculation of volumes in coins and coins is less available. But it is not known how much money is available.

The spokesman Sirajul Islam said, the general manager of the Bangladesh Bank (GM) of the Bangladesh Bank dismissed them temporarily for some work beyond the rules. Details will be given at the end of the investigation.

Bank executive director Sirajul Islam said a committee will be formed to investigate the matter. Who will be involved in the incident will be investigated. If the charges against anyone are proved, then strict action will be taken.

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