Ghoraghat started the holy bath and the Dahahara fair

Dahajara Baruni Mela of the Hindu religious community started, as usual, every year in Rishighat, the confluence of the Karatoyar river in Ghoraghat Upazila of Dinajpur. Thousands of devotees gathered at the Dashera Baruni Mela in Purna Swan in Pran Ganga. The fair is being celebrated since ancient times due to the sanctity of water of the river Hinduism.

This fair will run on Wednesday from evening till evening. From ancient times, the Karatoa river water is completely pure to the Hindu religious people. People believe in Hindu religious people – bathing the Karatoya river in Dishahara is very good. The sins of the bath are satisfied and the sin is forgiven.

Many people came from various places in the sub-continent, including Bangladesh, to participate in this bath for a long time, in the Dahahara Baruni Mela in the tenth Tithi on the moon party’s customs duty at Riversghat in Ghoraghat. For this reason, thousands of people came to this festival of sin and from the remote areas gathered in the gathering center.

In addition to the Hindu religion, people from different communities came here for shopping. The fairs have been erected for public entertainment, puppet dances, and baby toys. All of the house’s houses are found to be purchased in the shops like Siddhur, Sweets, Talpakha, Cosmetics.

On this occasion, about 1 sq km of Rishi Ghat The pilgrimage is fond of the pious and full of people of different ages. After completing the bath, Prasad was distributed after the Ganges Puja and the sixth pooja were held in the central temple. Police, Village Police, and Ansar are there to avoid the disruption of this traditional fair day-long.

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