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GPS Tracking, Global Communication system (GCS), Global Positioning system (GPS) or GPS Systems is a modern creation and currently use it on every stage. GPS Navigation system is a Radio based navigation system which cans coverage six season of a year regularly. It can forward inter-earth or external of earth any place easily.

Mainly GPS: Global Positioning system use on tracking system. Here GPS tracking system mean Car GPS, Train GPS, Plane GPS, Ship GPS or any other GPS Tracking for Vehicles. Not only the previous option, currently also use it on online. Online GPS Tracking system is a popular media. It is obsolete a very Important Elements.

Parts of GCS or GPS: A General GCS/GPS has three parts which is: (i) Space Segment (ii) Control Segment and (iii) User Segment. Let’s learn more details about whole systems:

Space Segment: GPS space Segment build with 24 items satellite. Here 21 items satellite used for communication and another 3 items used as orbit space satellite. All of 24 Satellite situated over 11,000 Nautical Miles from earth and 55 degree angle from each other’s. Any times 5 to 8 items satellite can receive signal and process it.

Control Segment: The work of control segment is monitoring of all worldwide satellite station. This monitoring station situate in: (1) India, (2) America (3) Falcon Air bus calando work as a master control section. Monitoring station always search signal from GPS. Monitoring station send signal to master control station upgrade, process and maintained original signal.

User segment: All the GPS situate in earth station build with receding section receiving system is: Internal loop antenna to low noise amplifier, then filter, then analog switch to down converter ASIC to DSP ASIC pulse generator and finally t external devise.

GPS category: Too many GPS available for usage. Now here is a question, what is the best GPS? We recommend you to Garmin GPS. If you do not know about this GPS review. You can also use GPS maps for find any location or places.

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