Ashura 2019: Happy 10th Muharram Status, Quotes, Poetry for Muharram Celebration

Happy Muharram 2019! Ashura 2019 will begin on the evening of Monday, September 9 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, September 10. Country-wise celebration will vary. While you will search the Ashura Date of Specific Country, you will see the original date for the celebration.

9th Muharram and 10th Muharram both days celebrated by the people of all Muslim countries. According to Wikipedia, 8 special days are available in Arabic Muharram Month. All of these days important and need to know as a Muslim. Let’s see details from the below.

Happy Muharram Celebration 2019

  • 1 Muharram: Seizure of the Grand Mosque in 1400 AH (1979 AD).
  • 2 Muharram: Husayn ibn Ali enters Karbala and establishes camp. Yazid’s forces are present. 61 AH (680 AD).
  • 5 Muharram: Death anniversary (urs) of Baba Farid, a Punjabi Sufi saint, in 665 AH (1266 AD). His urs is celebrated for six days during Muharram, in Pakpattan, Pakistan.
  • 7 Muharram: Access to water was banned from Husayn ibn Ali by Yazid’s orders. 61 AH (680 AD).
  • 10 Muharram: Referred to as the Day of Ashurah (lit. “the Tenth”), the day on which Husayn ibn Ali was martyred in the Battle of Karbala. Shia Muslims spend the day in mourning, while Sunni Muslims fast on this day, commemorating the rescue of the people of Israel by Musa (Moses) from Pharaoh. Some Sunni Muslims also mourn for the martyrs of Karbala. Many Sufi Muslims fast for the same reason as the Sunnis mentioned above, but also for the martyred dead in Karbala.
  • 15 Muharram: Birth of Muhammad Sirajuddin Naqshbandi in 1297 AH (1879 AD).
  • 25 Muharram: Zayn al-‘Ābidīn, fourth Shia Imam was martyred by Marvanian in 95 AH (714 AD).
  • 28 Muharram: Death anniversary (urs) of Ashraf Jahangir Semnani, an Indian Sufi saint, in 808 AH (1405 AD).
Happy Muharram Image 2019
Happy Muharram Image 2019

Ashura in Islam – Why is Muharram Celebrated?

Yom Ashura or Ashura is the tenth day of Muḥarram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. Actually, we can’t inform you for more information about Ashura in Islam. But, we can tell you the process where you will get these details. Visit and Search this with your local Language. Then, you will see some lecture from Islamic Researcher and Specialist. Similarly, you can know the answer to the question: Why is Muharram Celebrated.

Muharram 2019 (Ashura 2019) in Saudi Arabia

Ashura 2019 will be celebrated in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, September 10. We have collected the News and Date from Google Search. The Muharram in Saudi Arabia will start on the evening of the 10th September 2019 (Tuesday) and end on the next day.

Ashura 2019 Picture
Ashura 2019 Picture

Muharram Poetry 2019 in Urdu, English, Hindi

Here is some Muharram Poetry available for you. We have added Muharram Poetry in Urdu, Muharram Poetry in English, Muharram Poetry in Hindi and Muharram Poetry in Arabic.

Muharram Poetry 2019 in Urdu

“Jab bhi kabhi zameer ka soda ho
Dat jao tum Hussain ke inkar ki tarah”
“Ehsas karbala tujhe bhi ho jaye ga aik din
Tanha kisi apne ki maiyat utha kar to daikh”
“Bhool jain ge har gham, gham tera na bhoolain ge
Karbala na bhoolain ge ba Khuda na bhoolain ge”

Tareekh aesi misal koi dhoond kar laye
Sir tan se ho juda per maut na aaye”

“Dil main ghame Hussain hai, seena hai karbala
Behta hai meri aankh se pani furat ka”
Ashura 2019 - Happy 10th Muharram Image
Ashura 2019 – Happy 10th Muharram Image

Muharram Poetry 2019 in Hindi

Phir Karbala Ke Baad Dikhayi Nahi Diya, Aisa Koi Bhi Shaks Ke Pyasa Kahen Jise”

“As the Hijri New Year begins, let us pray that it will be a year full of peace, happiness and abundance of new friends. May Allah bless you throughout the new year.”

Naame-hussain Hashr Tak Aabad Rahega
Barbad Tha Yazid Wo Barbad Rahega
Hussain Tere Khoon K Har Ek Khatre Se
Gulshan Mere Iman Ka Aabad Rahega
Best-Muharram-Sad-Poetry Best Muharram Sad Poetry

Muharram Poetry 2019 in English

“May All The Praises And Thanks Be To Allah. To Whom Belongs All That Is In Heavens & In The Earth. Have A Blessed Muharram!”

Another year we have survived

This year we strive to do so much better

Practice our Deen down to the letter

Complete all our Salaat on time

Do many good deeds in our prime

Give Zakat without hesitation

Of the Holy Qu’ran make frequent recitation

Treat all we come across with kindness

Constantly ask for forgiveness

Muharram Mubarak to you, and

May all your Duas come true


Mourning of Muharram

According to Wikipedia, The Mourning of Muharram is a set of rituals associated with mainly Shia Muslims; however, some Muslims from other sects, as well as some non-Muslims, also take part in the remembrance. Nothing to Write unique about the Mourning of Muharram. It is same for every year and every Muslims.

Happy Muharram Image
Happy Muharram Image

Muharram Status 2019 in English, Urdu & Hindi

Copy the below Muharram Status 2019 and update your Social Media Status. You can use HashTag to inform other people about this Celebration. Let’s update your Status and wish all Muslims all over the world.

Kat rahi hy zindahi aulaad e ali k saye me Moot khud mamoor hy meri hifazaat k liye Har ghari rehta hun main nad e ali k saye me.

Awaz de Rahee Ha Ye Karbla Ki Zameen…
Bus Kuch Din Reh Gae Ha Shikast e Yazeed Ko…

Sajday Sy Karbalaa Koh Bandagi Mil Gai
Sabar Say Ummat Koh Zindagi Mil Gai
Eik Chamman FATIMA(S.A) Ka Ujra
Magaar Saraay Islaam Kou Zindaagi Mil Gaai.

Paidaa Nah Hogaa Talibe Baiyat Bhi Abb Koiyee
Woh Kaam Kar Gaiyee Hai Shahadaat Hussain Ki
Aawaaz Daay Rahi Hai Ye Tareekhe Karbaalaa
Hai Zalimo Ki Mout Shahadaat Hussain Ki

Qatil-E-Hussain Asal Main Mrrg-E-Yazeed Hai, Islaam Zindaa Hota Ha Har Karblaa Key Baad!=Muhammad Ali Jauhar!”

Finally, We wish you Happy Muharram 2019. Do you have any question? Let’s inform us now. We will try to help you. Thank you for being with us.

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