HSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download NCTB New Syllabus

The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has formulated a new syllabus for the 2021 HSC candidates. The new syllabus has been published on the official website on 5 February 2021 by the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. If you are looking for a new syllabus for HSC 2021, you have come to the right place. We have attached here a short new syllabus for 2021 HSC students. From here any visitor can download the Sanskrit syllabus in PDF file format. There is talk of HSC exams.

What is HSC Shot Syllabus?

 The Ministry of Education has published a short syllabus for the 2021 candidates. This syllabus has been abbreviated because it will not be possible to prepare students in a short time due to the coronavirus situation. Therefore, considering the education in Bangladesh, a syllabus has been published for the HSC candidates of 2021. So that a student can complete their course in a short time. So even if some topics are omitted in the interval, important topics must be read in detail. You have to prepare yourself in the light of this short syllabus.

 HSC New Syllabus 2021

 If you are looking for HSC New Syllabus 2021, however, this page is for you. Attached here is a short new syllabus published on the official website of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education to benefit our important visitors. You can download and save HSC New Syllabus 2021 from here if you want. This new syllabus has been formulated due to the coronavirus situation. The decision was finalized at a cabinet meeting on January 4, 2021.

HSC Syllabus 2021 PDF Download

 HSC Syllabus 2021 is available here. We have added HSC short syllabus here in PDF file format. You can download a short new syllabus if you want. As you know, HSC students in 2021 will have much less time due to the coronavirus situation. In contrast, the HSC syllabus has been published in short form by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. How many schools and colleges have been closed since March 17 Although there were opportunities for online classes, the students could not achieve perfection. So in the light of this short syllabus, the HSC examination of 2021 will be held.

 HSC Short Syllabus Science Department

 We have presented here the HSC Syllabus Science Department Humanities Department and Business Department separately. Science, Arts, and Commerce have some compulsory subjects and some separate subjects. For Science, Arts, Commerce, we have published that short syllabus separately in PDF format. So read the full content to get the PDF file and stay with us.

 HSC Short Syllabus Science Department PDF Download All Subject

 As you know, the HSC exam 2021 will be held on a short syllabus due to the coronavirus situation. The Ministry of Education has already published a short syllabus keeping in mind the needs of the students. Science students can download PDF files on all subjects except biology, physics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, etc. Below are the files in PDF format with the thematic format. So download HSC Syllabus 2021 and start preparing.

 HSC Syllabus Humanities PDF Download All Subject

The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Dhaka has published the official website of HSC Syllabus 2021 for the humanities branch. If you are a student of the humanities, you need to keep a short syllabus of all subjects in your collection. So we have arranged here the HSC syllabus will be thematic for the humanities department. You can easily download the HSC Syllabus 2021 in PDF format from here.

HSC New Short Syllabus 2021 Business Education

If you are a student in the Department of Business Education, you need to save the HSC New Syllabus 2021 published by NCTB. We have given here all the subjects of the Department of Business Studies including the Department of Science and the Department of Humanities in the form of a new syllabus PDF. You can download and save from here if you want. Each subject is given below in PDF file format. So download the short syllabus and take maximum preparation.

HSC 2021 Short syllabus download link for all subjects

Social Work 1st Paper

2nd letter of social work

Soil Science 1st Paper

Soil Science 2nd Paper

Statistics 1st Paper

Statistics 2nd letter

Physics 1st Paper

2nd letter of physics

Logic 1st Paper

Logic 2nd letter

The first letter of learning Islam

Islam Shikha 2nd letter

Production Management 1st Paper

Production Management and Marketing 2nd Letter

Psychology 1st Paper

Psychology 2nd letter

Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st Letter

Finance and Banking 2nd letter

Sociology 1st Paper

2nd paper of sociology


Economy 1st Paper

Economy 2nd letter

History 1st Paper

History 2nd letter

Islamic History and Culture 1st Paper

Islamic History and Culture 2nd Paper

Home Science 1st Paper

Home Science 2nd Paper

Citizen 1st Paper

Citizen 2nd letter

Art and Textiles 1st Paper

Art and Textile 2nd letter

Accounting 1st Paper

Accounting 2nd letter

Geography 1st Paper

Geography is the second letter

Food and Nutrition 1st Paper

Food and Nutrition 2nd Leaf

Higher Mathematics 1st Paper

Higher Mathematics 2nd Paper

Home Management 1st Paper

Home Management 2nd Paper

Agriculture 1st letter

Agriculture 2nd letter

Arts and Crafts 1st Paper

Arts and Crafts 2nd Letter

Biology 1st Paper

Biology is the second letter

Bangla 1st and 2nd letter

English 1st Paper

English 2nd letter

Business Organization and MGT 1st Paper

Business Organization and MGT 2nd Letter

Chemistry 1st Paper

Chemistry 2nd paper

Child Development 1st Paper

The second letter of child development