Islamic State Trolling Day – Anonymous Calls to Join All

Islamic State Trolling Day is declared by Anonymous, the ACTIVIST hacking group against Islamic State and they have called to mock the group of terrorist by the people. This article is as the part of the campaign of “Operation ISIS” of the hacking group. In the post on Anonymous online page, they have suggested to mock against ISIS or “Daesh” to common people. “We like to ask and get support along with help to win against ISIS. So, join with us to troll them. You need not to be Anonymous part, even need not any special skills to join us.” “We are calling to become part in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and at the ‘Real World,’” this was posted in the website for file sharing, Ghostbin.


Campaign Against ISIS on Social Media

Anonymous, the hacking group has said to the internet users to utilize the hashtahgs of Twitter #Daesh and #Daeshbags to post mocking photos to help to troll ISIS. On Instagram, clients have been requesting that “post photographs demonstrating to you are not anxious against them transparently call them Daesh and post photographs of catching ISIS individuals and false them”.

On Facebook, users has been advanced to “discover ISIS accounts as well as out them to the majority of your companions requesting that report them, transparently call them Daesh and Deashbags, furthermore spread ridiculing photographs”. YouTube clients have likewise been requested that make “mocking video recordings of ISIS”.

On the Offline Campaign

On the offline, at “Real World”, everybody can print the photos of ISIS to spread about them all around the city to aware everybody, can make mocking photo’s stickers to put around your town, or printed pages about ISIS to inform people that they are not the repetitive of Islam”.


Anonymous is an unidentified hacker group who have hacked so many corporate and government initiatives. They have announced “war” against ISIS and said that they will make “massive” cyber attacks to troll the terrorist group after the recent attacks of terrorists in Paris and at least 130 people were killed.


Messages of the Cyber ‘War’ from Anonymous

They have stated in this way, “You could be wondered to know we are declaring to “troll” ISIS and making plans to demonstrate all these against ISIS. But we must understand their ways of works.”

“They would not be a success to make us silent with fears. But, they might have forgotten that they are not more in the number, people of the world is against of their activities and don’t fear them at all.”

As the part of the campaign, they have observed 11th December. The message was of that day, we haven’t feared or like to hide with fear, we have majority with strength and people to make a difference. “We shall mock the idiots they are and we shall show them their reality- they don’t have any religion or any God, they have made some wrong explanation of their said religion to brainwash the young people worldwide.”


Although, Anonymous has called by ISIS as “idiots” and they suggested them to advice people how to be protected from hacking. But, Anonymous has claimed that they have shut down so many accounts in the social media of ISIS.





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