Jamalpur District Post Code List

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Jamalpur District Post Code List:

Post Office Name Post Code Thana Name
Dewangonj 2030 Dewangonj
Dewangonj S. Mills 2031 Dewangonj
Durmoot 2021 Islampur
Gilabari 2022 Islampur
Islampur 2020 Islampur
Jamalpur 2000 Jamalpur
Nandina 2001 Jamalpur
Narundi 2002 Jamalpur
Jamalpur 2011 Malandah
Mahmoodpur 2013 Malandah
Malancha 2012 Malandah
Malandah 2010 Malandah
Balijhuri 2041 Mathargonj
Mathargonj 2040 Mathargonj
Bausee 2052 Shorishabari
Gunerbari 2051 Shorishabari
Jagannath Ghat 2053 Shorishabari
Jamuna Sar Karkhana 2055 Shorishabari
Pingna 2054 Shorishabari
Shorishabari 2050 Shorishabari

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