Know Train Location By Mobile SMS

All Mobile Operators introduces Train Tracker service, an innovative & convenient value added service for customers. Through this service all customers will be able to know their desired train location, time of train departure, next stoppage & movement schedule of the train through SMS.

It’s a most desirable service for Train passengers to know about the real time train location & information from their mobile phone simple by SMS. Now Train passengers do not have to worry about the train current location, train status, departure time, next station, next stoppage, cancellation etc. Train passengers can track their desired train information & location from their mobile phone anytime from anywhere and can plan their trip accordingly. It will reduce uncertain platform waiting time, extra hassle & help them to utilize their valuable time as per their wish.

So train travelling experience in Bangladesh will be smoother for Mobile customers!!!

How to Avail this Offer

– Go to your message option
– Type TR [space] Train No
– Send this SMS to 16318

Service Type: SMS Push-Pull

Service Fee: BDT 4 per SMS (excluding VAT)

How to Get Train Number


Train number can be found into the original printed Train ticket or in the tables below.


Although Robi is committed to employ all its efforts to maintain the accurate, best and uninterrupted availability of information to its subscribers, but this is to keep users informed that due to any of the events included but not limited, as listed here, or phenomena beyond Robi’s control like malfunctioning of GPS satellite or satellite downlink, unavailability or malfunctioning of GSM network, Radio Frequency interference caused by elements of nature, unauthorized and unlawfully forced Radio Frequency interference by jamming GPS and GSM signals,theft or deliberate tempering of onboard Radio Frequency receiver modules, locomotive power failure, obstruction to data acquisition like creating unintentional or deliberate obstruction to satellite view,

obstruction due to elements of nature like thick overhead foliage or urban canyon effect, midway malfunctioning of tracking equipment, incorrect or misleading information regarding train name, train schedule, train specific locomotive (Engine) ID and expected departure time provided by train traffic controllers and the content providers the train tracking information service seldom may contain errors, may become unavailable, may suffer interruption or even shut offs temporarily or for prolonged period, for which Robi shall not be responsible and may not be subjected to any penalty in any form.

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