Microphone and its Classification

Hello Visitors, Greetings from us. Here are ready to describe about the Microphone and its classification. It is very Important to know details about the available Microphone on all Electronics Devices. We have also collected some Significant Information about the Microphone, where our valued visitor will get some data about the uses of Microphone. And the Main attraction is How they can choose a best Microphone.

What is Microphone?

It is a common question. In short, The Microphone is an Electronic Device, Which Change From an Audio unit Sound wave to Electrical wave. In details, the Microphone is a Device of Converter. It converts Human Wave to Electrical Wave.

Classification of Microphone:

Though too many Microphone we have detected, that you know. But the Microphone Mainly Two Kinds. Here are:
(i) Air Pressure Type Microphone
(ii) Contact Type Microphone

Air Pressure Type Microphone: This Microphone Changed The Audio unit sound wave to Electrical wave by passing on Air. Mainly it’s used on Public Address System.

Contact Type Microphone: This Microphone Changed The Audio unit sound wave to Electrical wave by passing any channel without Air.
Contact Type Microphone Are Two Kinds:
(i) Throat Type Microphone
(ii) Lip Type Microphone

Without the Previous Classification, By the Feature of Pick up Microphone is Three Kinds:
(i) Unidirectional or Cardioids Microphone: This Microphone Pick up only one Sided Incoming Sound.
(ii) Bidirectional Microphone: This Microphone Changed Sung Wave And Pick up it Comes from two sides.
(iii) All Directional or Omni directional Microphone: This Microphone Changed Sound wave Al sides and All State.

Different Classification of Microphone by Impedance Matching is:
(i) Low Impedance Microphone
(ii) High Impedance Microphone

By all Featuring of Build Microphone is the Following Kinds:
(i) Carbon Microphone
(ii) Moving Coil or Dynamic Microphone
(iii) Ribbon Microphone or velocity Microphone
(iv) Crystal Microphone
(v) Ceramic or Condenser Microphone
(vi) Capacitor Microphone
(vii) Telescopic or Gun Microphone
(viii) Wireless or Cordless Microphone


Need more Information About the Microphone and Its Classification? We hope that you have successfully understood about the Microphone and Its All classification. If you want to know more about the Microphone, Please visit Wikipedia and Read more. Thank you for staying with us.

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