Most Popular Value Added Service

What is missed call alert service?
Missed call alert (MCA) service is a popular value added service. A subscriber who already activate missed call alert will receive notification message after avail in network will all contact number called you during the switch off season or unreachable period. Customer will also receive notification if his or her phone is on no network coverage area. All Mobile operators provide this service. Some operators charge maximum TK 10+ Vat (Value added Tax) for this service and some operator give it free to their client.

What is Welcome tune or caller tune service?
Welcome tune or Caller tune service is a popular value added service. This service created for the person who loves music. He or she greetings or welcome his or her caller with music as they likes. A subscriber of welcome tune or caller tune will enjoy some special facilities like song gifts, song dedications, tune randomization and many more!

What is MMS?
MMS mean Multimedia Message Service. It is a web or internet based service. A user who already configured with Multimedia message setting can send and receive multimedia message from or to other users. A user can send or receive multimedia message with pictures, music or videos. Maximum transfer limit depend on the service provider or Operator.

What is music Radio?
Music radio is a special value added service of music lovers. This is a most collected and daily updated value added service. Each operators design music radio service with unlimited music, celebrity interviews, stories etc. there are too many channel available in music radio called as Bengali, English, Hindi, Folk, Rook etc.

What is call block service?
Call block mean block unwanted call and message. This service is different from other value added service. A call block subscriber can use this service in any mobile. Users can control this service with message or USSD. It has two parts: Black list and white list. Every call block service users can use one of two services. Black list reject the call and White list accept the call. For use white list or black list service you need to add number to your black or white list.

What is prepaid info center?
Prepaid info is a free service IVR (Integrated Voice Response) there a prepaid customer can call and listen prepaid balance, recharge scratch card, listen own number, Current promotion, notice and many more!

What is tracking service?
A customer can track another mobile phone by location of Network. It is a popular service and too many people use this service. For use this service you need to register first. You need to know that you can only locate your same operator’s number.

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