Networking Job Sector for Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

There are too many networking jobs available all over the world. As a networking engineer you need to know what is networking jobs.

As its answer we can tell you that when a network engineer or network administers complete signaling system to communicate different place is called jobs in networking. If you want to work t as a network engineer 1st you need to learn about hardware because network is related with hardware and circuit .It can be told that the entire network is a circuit but all the circuit not a network. There are too many jobs available all over the world. You can search engine or jobs search websites.

Mobile operator: you can easily work as a network engineer on any mobile operator available in any country. Yu need to avail better experience on BTS (Base transvers station) and GSM architecture. You need to know If that, a telecommunication engineer, an information technology engineer, information communication technology engineer can find network job easily. If you are an electronics engineer and if you want to work as a hardware and networking job you need to build up yourself opportunity.

BTCL, BTRC, PSTN, and T&T: 1st you need to know about the full meaning of the short letter. Here, BTCL mean Bangladesh telecommunication company limited, BTRC mean Bangladesh telecommunication regulatory commission, PSTN mean public switch telephone network and T&T mean telegraph and telephone network. You can work on this government job sector as a network engineer. Mainly job condition of government an authority is network security. If you are a network administrator you can easily maintain all networking instruments. The salary of networking job is high. If can make yourself as a specialist by complete a networking course.

Radar and satellite communication: Radar means radio detection and ranging. IT is an electronics transceiver device. It is use and different way like find something’s location. So, you can easily find a job a radar communication as a network engineer. Another job sector an available satellite communication. The satellite is situated over 36,000 kilometers over from earth station. You can as an executive or operators a satellite communication network.

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