Ozone Day (16th September) – World Ozone Day 2019 Wiki

Today is Wolrd Ozone Day. The day is celebrating all over the World. We are very sorry to say you that there is no Wikipedia wiki page for Ozone Day 2019. So, people can’t find any authentic Source to see the Authentic Information about this Celebrating. Most of the People know about this Celebrating and they are now celebrating the day.

Google is showing Monday, September 16 as the date of International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 2019. Several News Website publishes News content according to this Celebration. So, why you are doing late?

Slogans for World Ozone Day 2019

  1. Act as a whole to prevent the hole.
  2. Ban pollution, ozone is precious.
  3. Carbon Footprint: Bigger isn’t better.
  4. Deal today with Ozone for a Better tomorrow.
  5. Don’t let the future go up in smoke. SAVE THE OZONE.
  6. Earth without ozone is like a house without a roof.
  7. Every ozone hole is a threat to our soul.
  8. Get in the ZONE to save OZONE!
  9. Go green, go genius.
  10. If Earth is our Mother then Ozone is our Father.
  11. Its threat to our zone when there’s a hole in the ozone.
  12. Keep Ozone from becoming the no zone.
  13. Leave the ozone and it will let you live
  14. Life depletes when Ozone Depletes… So to save life save Ozone.
  15. No zone like ozone.
  16. Ozone – natures sunscreen.
  17. Ozone – not just a layer but a protector.
  18. Ozone Layer Destroyed = There are no clear Skies.
  19. Ozone Layer Environmental Concern; Lands Loss and Soil Degradation.
  20. Ozone layer holes are passing UV rays to us, let it stop.
  21. Ozone Layer the UV Blocker.
  22. Ozone Layer: A hole in one can ruin your day.
  23. Ozone Nature’s Sunscreen.
  24. Ozone now, Oxygen later.
  25. Ozone or nozone… the choice is yours.
  26. Ozone today, Oxygen tomorrow.
  27. Ozone, not just a layer but a protector.
  28. Ozone, Ozone, Don’t go away. We want you today.
  29. Ozone-not just a layer but a protector.
  30. Please spare the already depleted OZONE layer.
  31. Preserve our Ozone layer.
  32. Preserve the Ozone layer, it protects us.
  33. Prevent ozone from becoming a no-entry zone.
  34. Prevent skin cancer Protect the ozone layer!
  35. Protect the ozone layer for it protects us.
  36. Protect the ozone, it’s the best sunscreen.
  37. Protect yourself, protect the ozone layer.
  38. Reduce depletion of ozone, otherwise, you will be in the Redzone.
  39. Regulate gasses that harm the Ozone layer.
  40. Save nature, make future.
  41. Save the ozone layer else you may lie in no zone.
  42. Save ozone, our planet’s safe zone.
  43. Save Ozone; save Earth.
  44. Save the layer, which is Up in the air.
  45. Save the Ozone – natures sunscreen.
  46. Save the ozone layer or give heat to the next generation.
  47. Save the Ozone Layer the UV Blocker.
  48. Stitch the Ozone Layer.
  49. There is no zone when we pollute ozone.
  50. Vote for controlling gases harmful to the Ozone layer.
  51. You don’t have to be a mayor to help protect the ozone layer.

Ozone Layer for Ozone Day 2019

According to Wikipedia, The ozone layer or ozone shield is a region of Earth’s stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It contains a high concentration of ozone in relation to other parts of the atmosphere, although still small in relation to other gases in the stratosphere. So, the Ozone Day is celebrating according to this reason everywhere.

Ozone Day Quotes 2019

  • It’s absolutely stupid that we live without an ozone layer. We have men, we’ve got rockets, we’ve got saran wrap – fix it! – Lewis Black
  • Ozone is something that we most definitely have to regulate. It’s a very important thing to regulate. – Scott Pruitt
  • When I was a kid, we never heard of smog, ozone depletion, acid rain, greenhouse gasses. – Dennis Weaver

Happy Ozone Day Status, Text Message, Wishes & Greetings 2019

Here are several Ozone Day Status, Ozone Day Text Message, and Greetings (Wishes) are available for celebrating the Day. You can just copy the items and share with others by updating your Status Publicly or Send message privately.

“Save our sky to save our lives…. Save ozone to save the planet…. Wishing a very Happy World Ozone Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy World Ozone Day…. Today is the day which reminds us of our responsibility to work towards protecting the ozone.”

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