Pohela Falgun Status 2020 for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp

Pohela Falgun Status 2020 for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp! People want to publish Status on any Celebration or Festivals. During the Pohela Falgun Celebration 2020 in Bangladesh, Bangladeshi People can Publish a Status on Facebook, Tweet a New Status on Twitter or Share Status on others Social Networking Website. Too many Status of Pohela Falgun 2020 is available in This post.

Our Visitor chooses differently from each other. So, we are adding too many collections to our visitors. If you are ready to Publish a Status about Pohela Falgun, let’s try to get the latest one for you.

What is Pohela Falgun Status 2020?

Status means something Attractive for sharing on Social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, IMO or other. Here, Pohela Falgun Status means the Attractive speech about Pohela Falgun which people share on their Social Profile. Anyone can publish Status in multiple Languages as per availability and their Choice. In this post, We have added Pohela Falgun Status in Bangla and English. We hope that is enough for you.

Pohela Falgun Status

Pohela Falgun Status Bangla 2020

Bangladeshi people like to share their Status in Bangla. So, Bangla Status is their first choice. In this session, we have added some Bangla Status of Pohela Falgun for you. Share these on your Facebook Profile or others.

১। আমি অধীর অপেক্ষায় কান পেতে আছি আগুন ঝরা ফাগুনের শান্তির বার্তাশুনবো বলে..

ফাল্গুনের শুভেচ্ছা…

২। পুষ্প বালিকা হাসতে জানে, সবার বর্ণিল শোভা ওর চোখে মুখে রং ছড়িয়েছে..

 কেউ কেউ এভাবেই সুখী হতে জানে.. শুভ ফাল্গুন…

৩। নয়নে লাগিল দোলা, কারা যেন ডাকিলো পিছে;

বসন্ত এসে গেছে..শুভ বসন্ত..

৪। আমার এক জীবনের বসন্ত তোমায় দিলাম.. 

ফাগুনের সম্মহিত সুবাতাস তোমায় দিলাম…

৫। এই বসন্তে ফুটেছে কত ফুল

অভিসারী মন পেতে চেয়েছে তোমার কাছে নির্ভর আশ্রয়!

Pohela Falgun Status English 2020

People who are looking for Pohela Falgun English Status will get their favorite one from this section. Here we have added some English Status of celebration 1st Falgun.

  1. Let the Poila Falgun offer you all the strength to fulfill your dreams. Follow your dreams and dare to make them true
  2. Happy Poila Falgun! Wishing you a delightful and fulfilling year that you most deserve.
  3. Have A Great Moment for All my Bengali Friends.”Shubho Falgun”
  4. Mark the time of new beginnings and enjoy your life – Happy Falgun.

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