Professional practice Syllabus

• To be able to understand Architectural Professional.
• To be able to understand the role of Diploma Architect.
• To be able to understand importance of site visit.
• To be able to understand the controlling authority in Architectural field.
• To be able to understand Organizational set- up of Architectural firm.
• To be able to understand building By-laws by RAJUK.
• To be able to understand BNBC.
Architectural Profession; Role of a diploma architect in building industry; Importance of site visit; controlling authority; Organizational set- up; Building By-laws, BNBC & Architect profession.
1. Understand the Architectural Profession.
1.1 State the Architectural profession.
1.2 State professional Laws & ethics of architecture.
1.3 Explain the role of a diploma architect in developing an architectural design.
1.4 State the relationship between a graduate Architect and a diploma Architect.
1.5 State the relationship between employees and professionals.

2. Understand the role of a Diploma- Architect in building industry.
2.1 State the responsibility on a diploma architect in an architectural firm.
2.2 State the responsibility of a diploma architect on site.
2.3 Describe the importance of building by laws.
2.4 State briefly the building by laws.

3. Understand the importance of site visit.
3.1 List the important features of site visit.
3.2 Discuss the importance of site visit
3.3 State the stages of site visit by designers.
3.4 State the role of designers.

4. Understand the controlling authority.
4.1 List & define the controlling authority.
4.2 Describe about IAB, IEB, & IDEB.
4.3 Describe about RAJUK, CDA, RDA, BDA, SDA , city corporation, Pourashava, Union perished etc.,
4.4 Describe the membership procedure of IAB, IEB, & IDEB.
4.5 Describe the permission procedure from civil Aviation authority, Paribesh Adhidaptar.
5. Understand Organizational set- up of Architectural firm.
5.1 Define Architectural consulting firm.
5.2 Describe small office, Medium office & large office.
5.3 Describe about organizational chart of Architectural consulting firm.
5.4 Describe the remuneration procedure of Architectural cost of a consulting firm.
5.5 Describe the fees of Architects.

6. Understand the building By-laws by RAJUK.
6.1 Discuss the quoted in building by-laws by RAJUK.
6.2 Discuss instruction of bidders.
6.3 Define FAR and calculation of FAR.
6.4 Discuss MGC and calculation of MGC.
6.5 Describe set-back procedure of RAJUK.
6.6 Discuss the fire exit allowance by RAJUK
6.7 Describe the garage/parking of RAJUK.
7. Understand about Bangladesh National Building Code
7.1 Define NBC & BNBC.
7.2 Necessity of Building code.
7.3 Describe general building requirements from BNBC.
7.4 Describe fire protection from BNBC.
7.5 Describe construction practices and safety.
7.6 Describe building services from BNBC.
7.7 Describe alteration, addition and change of existing building.
8. Understand different terms for practice of Architect profession.
8.1 Define owner, consultant and client.
8.2 Distinguish earnest money and security money.
8.3 Differentiate between the schedule amount and contract money.
8.4 Distinguish shop building and As-built drawing.
8.5 Describe running account bill and bill of qualities.
8.6 Describe Force Majeure and Arbitration.
8.7 Describe maintenance period and certificate of payment.

1. Architectural Practice
By Clinton H. Cowgill, A.I.A. & Ben John Small
2. Bangladesh National Code (BNC).

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