PSC English Suggestion 2019, Question Pattern, A+ Marks

PSC English Suggestion 2019 is available here. English Question Pattern 2019 for PSC Exam 2019 is also available. The PEC Exam 2019 English Subject will hold on 16th November 2019. Directorate of Primary Education has published the PSC Exam Routine 2019 early.

Tomorrow, English is the First exam of this PSC 2019. Now, the People are looking for final suggestion of PSC English Subject. Many guardians are asking PSC English Final Suggestion 2019 PDF. So, we are publishing this post to inform the people about the English Suggestion of PSC Exam 2019.

The English Exam of PSC will hold on tomorrow. Now, Revise the English book completely. Here, a suggestion is available for you. Please make sure that you have already completed the PEC English Syllabus.

Now, follow the English Suggestion to test the Seen Passage, Unseen Passage, WH Question, Rearrange, Form and all. Let’s follow the Final PSC Suggestion 2019 and test the students before the exam.

PSC Seen Passage 2019 (Question 1-4)

  1. The Olympic Games……… since then
  2. The Hare and the Tortoise
  3. It is a beautiful Spring day. Maria gets up early
  4. The Food Pyramid helps us to understand the…
  5. Last January I went to cub camporee
  6. The Next Day was awful. Bablu’s family…
  7. Saikat Islam lives with parents in a flat in Bogra

 PSC English Exam Suggestion Unseen Passage 2019

  1. The Name of our country is Bangladesh..
  2. It is December and the Season is Winter…
  3. Next day was Lima’s birthday.
  4. Ruhan lives with Parents in a beautiful house..
  5. Adnan is a student of class five…
  6. A cap Seller
  7. There are many birds found in our country.
  8. The Lion and the Mouse

PSC English Suggestion 2019 Instruction

  1. How to learn English?
  2. How to keep your body healthy?
  3. How to make a cup of tea?
  4. How to be a patriot?
  5. Talking part in a Scout Jamboree.

Fill in the Gap

I am Nazmul. In the evening at (a)______ I sit and study. I study for an hour. Then act (b) ____ I take a short break for 20 minutes. I sit and study again at(c)_____. After completing my studies I watch TV for 20 minutes from (d)____ to __. Then I take my dinner at (e) ____.

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