Robi Goon Goon Service Details (Song Code, Search Song, Active and Stop Service)

How to set a single song/content as your GoonGoon

If you want to set one single tone as your GoonGoon, type set GoonGoonCode and send to 8466.

How to Gift a GoonGoon to your Friend!!

If you want to gift a GoonGoon to another GoonGoon user, typeGift GoonGoon Code phone number without zero and send to 8466

Robi GoonGoon is a Caller Ring Back Tone service that allows you to set a song, tone, music, funny messages or sounds as a Ring-Back Tone for your callers. You can set a Robi GoonGoon for all your callers, while they wait for you to pick up the call.

Most amazingly from now on you can enjoy your first GoonGoon tone for free up to 30 days just by registering into GoonGoon service!

So what are you waiting for!!!

Set Your Desired GoonGoon:
– to a single number or a group
– for a specific time of the day such as a tone can be set for morning, afternoon or for evening.
– for a special day such as a birthday, anniversary, Bangla New Year, valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, New Years day, Friendship Day, etc.

How to Start Using GoonGoon

Getting registered to Robi GoonGoon service is very simple! Click below and choose the method that’s most covenient to you:

Through USSD:
Just dial *140*1# and follow the instruction to get registered to Robi GoonGoon service.

Through SMS:
To Register:
– Go to your Message option
– Type Reg and send to 8466.
– You will receive a confirmation message shortly

To Download and Set GoonGoon:
– Go to your Message option
– Type get GoonGoon code and send to 8466.
– You will get a confirmation message stating that “Requested GoonGoon AAAA has been set successfully. Download Fee-Tkxx.xx; valid til YYYY-MM-DD.”

Through IVR:
Just dial 8466 and follow the instructions.

How to Cancel the service

To deregister or cancel the service, type “off” or type “1111” and send to8466.

How to search any song

If you want to search the GoonGoon, type FIND Song Name/Artist Name/Album Name and send to 8466.

How to randomize the songs

If you want to play the GoonGoon randomly, type “random” and send to8466.

How to save someone else’s GoonGoon as your own

Press ** (Double *) key while listening to someone else’s GoonGoon to set it as your own!


Charges (excluding VAT)
Monthly Subscription** Tk. 15.00
GoonGoon Download Tk. 15.00 for 90 days validity
Tk. 10.00 for 60 days validity
Tk. 5.00 for 30 days validity
IVR Browsing Tk. 0.08/10 sec (Excluding VAT)

Registration/Renewal Subscription:
New Tk 15 for 30 days Tk 10 for 15 days
(micro billing due to insufficient balance)
Tk 5 for 7 days
(micro billing due to insufficient balance)

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