Robi Missed Call Alert (MCA) Service

Robi Missed call alert service will notify you about all the missed calls (i.e. calls attempted but unsuccessful) made to you when your mobile phone is unreachable/Handset switched off/Out of network or coverage area/Battery exhaustion/Phone is busy or not answered. When you switch on your mobile phone, you will receive notification of missed calls through SMS. The missed call alert SMS will contain information of calling party’s mobile number, time & date when the call was made
All Robi users will avail this service at completely free of cost to have a better experience. This FREE offer will be continued till further notice.

How to Activate/Deactivate

To activate:

Step 1: Go to message option of your handset
– Step 2: Type REG or ON
– Step 3: Send to SMS to 8272

IVR: Dial 8272 and follow the IVR prompt.

To deactivate:

– Step 1: Go to message option of your handset
– Step 2: Type off
– Step 3: Send to SMS to 8272

IVR: Dial 8272 and follow the IVR prompt.

Unique Features of IVR

i. Notify me mode
ii. Edit white list
iii. Edit black list
iv. Divert number operation
v. Set personal setting


Particulars Existing Tariff New Tariff
Subscription Fee BDT 2 + VAT/Week FREE
IVR Fee BDT 2 + VAT/Minute (0.3333 + VAT/10 Second) Same as previous

Special Note

– Existing missed call alert base will enjoy this FREE offering by default.
– New user needs to activate this service to enjoy as FREE
– Registered user can cancel this service at any time by following the deactivation process.
– This free offer will be continued till further notice

Important Instruction

– While subscribed to the Robi Missed Call Alert, if any subscriber cancels the call forwarding/ diverting option or changes the number (8272), s/he has to manually reactivate the option from her/ his handset settings to get the service again.

– While subscribed to Robi Missed Call Alert service, there may be different Call Diverting/ Forwarding notifications on the mobile phone screens in case of outgoing calls, depending on the handsets. This is a regular notification. Nothing is required to do & please do not change your handset’s Call Diverting/ Forwarding settings.

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