Satellite Communication Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

Global Satellite internet or global mobile satellite Communication is now provides two trusted global mobile satellite system. Full system powered by satellite industry and organization with satellite companies. 1st you need to know that what is the selected device for use satellite global?

Now a day, people use satellite communication or satellite mobile internet, satellite mobile phone, satellite internet. All stage people receive service directly from cheap satellite internet. But now a day, many satellite cable companies and satellite TV companies provides that service free and with cost if you want to use high speed satellite internet you need a satellite internet connection. By using modern technology, people use internet via satellite through phone.

We find too many shop (place and online). Where show banner satellite phone for sale. You can buy this for use portable satellite internet. You can search the list of satellite companies for learn more of satellite phone service. The trusted satellite industry is:
(1) Very small aperture terminal (VSAT) fixed satellite communication system.
(2) Ultra small aperture terminal mobile satellite (MSAT) communication.

There are some feature related in two system like (i) Universal Coverage (ii) Uniform Cost and (iii) Network Flexibility.

Satellite communication must control the following communication: (i) Mobile to mobile communication (ii) Mobile to Dispatcher (iii) Mobile to Public switched Telephone Network and (iv) Satellite and Network Control.
Network can provides satellite services to maximum mobile station, some base station, Gateway and Operation Center.

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