Signaling Systems

Practically Signaling System divided three parts.
(i) In band signaling
(ii) Out of band signaling
(iii) Signaling in ISD (International Subscriber Dialing)

Details of all signaling system following:

In band signaling: This signaling system convent all the information in a single channel. There are too many problems in this signaling process. Like-
• Long call setup time (10 Second to 20 second)
• Limited data transfer capacity
• It can’t modify the call process

Out of band signaling:
In there use a data Channel for data transferring in this signaling.

Signaling in ISD:
In this signaling system, there are two kinds of component.
• 1st A connection with Internet user and network node.
• 2nd Transfer Signal for Network mode.

Different type of signaling Network Structure: It is divided in three ways. The system are-
• Associate Mode of signaling
• Non-associate mode of signaling
• Quasi Associate Mode of signaling

Network Service Part:
SS7 build by NSP and user. It is use on the GSM Network OAM and P. It is related with 7 step OSI-7 Reference model.
All part is-
• Physical
• Data Link
• Network
• Transport
• Session
• Presentation
• Application

Related Some Full Version of Short Keyword:
ASP- Application Service part
TCAP- Transaction Capabilities Apply
OMAP- Operation, Mint & Admin part
ASE- Apple Service Element
SCCP: Signaling Connection control Part
MTP: Message Transfer Part
NSP: Network Service Part

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