Social Media is Rolling an Unseen Part of Terrorism

What is your argue about my topic is social media is rolling an unseen part of terrorism. From a small moment to a big part of life are being shared by the individuals by means of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. It can help to build a new brand for a new business through social media. This option is also chosen by the terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), ISL, and many more are using the social media to communicate with each other, delivering hatred messages and selecting new members in their groups as well.

Twitter has been exploited by ISIS to deliver their propaganda regularly, according to a report of a Brooking Institute, and the authority was not successful to stop their activities for all of the parts. More than 300 American citizens are supporting actively for ISIS to spread their terrorist propaganda through social media, according to a report of “Program on Extreme” of the George Washington University.


Whack-a-Mole – a Game

There is one reason that it is not possible to silent ISIS totally on the social media and that’s if one group is quiet then other part is created quickly. “Its’ look like the whack-a-mole game,” the senior fellow and the director of national security program CNAS (Center for a New American Security). “It’s not hard to create a new account or an app which can make them able to hijack another profile or account,” he admitted to the TechNewsWorld


Infrastructural Lacking

Another reason for unsuccessfulness against of ISIS is that they have not more activities with high-tech operations. “It’s not hard to go after Google or IBM to stop or take down some more action into their infrastructure,” said Christopher Paul, the senior scientist of the RAND Corporation. “What about the infrastructure of ISIS? They don’t have it, that makes it too hard to take down any action for it,” he talked to the TechNewsWorld.


It’s the Known Devil

As we know that ISIS does not use social media to spread their propaganda or selecting a tool to gather its members. “All social media sites have become one way for the group, such as ISIS plan and run attacks,” said Fitzgerald of CNAS. It seems like a better reason to make silent the group – and the problem is that it’s “a sword of double-edged,” suggested by Fitzgerald. “Otherwise, we want a limit of communication line and their propaganda,” he said, “Moreover, we want to monitor their activities as well.”


Going Dark

It’s not like a common effort to make ISIS silence with the drive of the group’s dark web, although, that is not possible through the search engines which are popular.

“Most of them who use a computer is not sophisticated to gather much about them through the dark web,” Paul said. “Only a little part of ISIS uses tech-savvy social media, as a result, they are out of touch.”


When a guy is monitored as bad, the information obtained is limited. Even, the strongest hacker group, Anonymous, is not successful to defeat ISIS, because the group is silent in online somewhere.

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