Subscriber Identity Module Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

The full meaning of SIM is subscriber Identity module. It is also known as mobile SIM. 1stly The SIM was specified by European Telecommunication standard institute. Now a day too many mobile operators provide free mobile SIMS. By charging category SIMS are mainly two kinds, prepaid mobile SIM and Postpaid mobile SIM.SIM charge subscriber identity. With usage category SIM category SIM is the following ways: (i) Prepaid GSM SIM (ii) SIM only mobile and (iii) Data only SIM or Internet SIM.

GSM system provides 4 kinds of SIM available: (i) ID-1 card SIM (ii) Plug –in SIM card (iii) Micro SIM and (iv) Nano SIM.
When a customer call to any same operator number in same country then use local or internal GSM System. When someone calls to others country by international roaming SIM or travel SIM is called ISD (International subscriber dialing)
Now a day’s many mobile phone stations provide dual SIM phones. You can insert here unlimited data SIM, Best international SIM, Micro SIM and another free SIM with credit.

SIM card Storage Capability: Storage Capability of Mobile SIM card growing up the following ways: (i) Administrative Information (ii) ID card Identification (iii) SIM Service Table (iv) International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) (v) Location Resources based Information (vi) BCCH Information and (vii) Phase Information.

Security Algorithms for GSM: There are three kind of Algorithm system available for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) Security. These are: (i) Authentication Algorithm (ii) Privacy Kc Generation Algorithm and (iii) Encryption Algorithm.

Token Based Authentication for GSM: GSM System Engineer wanted to make a Security system which can control Service Provider. This system does not make any relation with Requirement and Data. The Engineer of Europe also wanted to make a default size for a desire country.

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