Telecom Workshop Syllabus


Basic concept of telecom workshop, architecture and interfaces of GSM, Concept of signaling, Concept of MS and SIM, Concept of GMS and UPT, Domestic electronic equipments.

Telecom Workshop Syllabus



1. Introduction to Telecommunication workshop
1.1 What is telecommunication workshop.
1.2 List the require equipments in telecommunication work shop.
1.3 List the transmission media used in telecommunication.
1.4 Mention the safety and maintenance in telecommunication workshop.

2. Understand the architecture and interfaces of GSM network.
2.1 Mention the frequency bands of GSM.
2.2 Mention the general objects of GSM public land mobile network (PLMN).
2.3 Describe the architecture of GSM PLMN
2.4 Describe the future techniques to reduce interference in GSM.
2.5 Mention the advantages in GSM system.

3. Understand the concept of signaling system
3.1 Mention different types of signaling.
3.2 Describe different types of signaling network structure.
3.3 Describe the signaling format of SS7.
3.4 Describe the user parts of SS7.
3.5 Describe the use of SS7 by GSM.

4. The mobile Station and the Subscriber Identity Module.
4.1 What is mobile station?
4.2 Types of mobile station.
4.3 Draw the block diagram of GSM MS
4.4 What is SIM?
4.5 Mention the data stored on a SIM.

5. Understand the features of global mobile satellite systems and universal personal
5.1 Define the meaning of global mobile satellite system.
5.2 Describe the network architecture and call set up procedure in the global star
5.3 Define universal personal telecommunication (UPT)
5.4 Mention the service feature of UPT.
5.5 Describe the functional architecture of UPT
5.6 Mention the security requirements for UPT.

6. Understand the domestic electronic equipment (such as radio receiver, TV receiver)
6.1 What is radio receiver?
6.2 Describe the function of radio receiver.
6.3 Describe the super heterodyne Radio receiver with block diagram.
6.4 Describe the function of TV receiver using block diagram.


1. Identify the telecommunication equipments and media.
1.1 Prepare the list.
1.2 Observe the equipments.
1.3 Prepare the specification of each media.
1.4 Prepare the characteristics chat of each equipment.

2. Perform the installation of telecom equipment.
2.1 Select the required apparatus tools and materials.
2.2 Identify the position of switch bell in the circuit.
2.3 Connect the apparatus as per diagram.
2.4 Switch on the circuit.
2.5 Observe the operation of switch bell.

3. Perform the planning and wiring of telecom workshop.
3.1 Draw the plan of the workshop.
3.2 Locate different electrical points, machineries and auxiliary apparatus on the plan.
3.3 Draw the electrical wiring diagram of various electrical load points, machineries and auxiliary apparatus.
3.4 Select the required parts, apparatus, tools and materials.
3.5 Draw layout mark with chalk on the floor and wall showing different local points, machines and their auxiliary apparatus.

4. Perform the installation of telecom workshop.
4.1 Set up all the machineries as per Layout.
4.2 Select the requisite length of conduit pipe.
4.3 Place the conduit pipe over the layout marks.
4.4 Draw cable earth wire through the conduit.
4.5 Make connection the various load terminals.
4.6 Test the insulation of the wire and earth connection.
4.7 Check the inter connection carefully.
4.8 Connect the supply to main switch.
4.9 Turn on the main switch.
4.10 Turn the individual switch on.
4.11 Observe the operation.

5. Determine the domestic electronic equipment (Such as radio receiver, TV receiver).
5.1 Select the required apparatus, tools and materials.
5.2 Disassemble different parts of the selected equipment
5.3 Identify different parts and components and inter connection on PCB. record the values of each components
5.4 Record the values of each component.
5.5 Check the entire work.

6. Perform the tracing of circuit diagram of electronic equipment.
6.1 Select the required apparatus, tools and materials.
6.2 Prepare the sheet and trace the circuit diagram.
6.3 Identify Components and Parts with proper symbol.

7. Prepare the single and double sided PCB using direct etching method.
7.1 Select the required tools. Materials and circuit.
7.2 Trace the Lay out in PCB.
7.3 Prepare the PCB by proper steps.

8. Study the architecture of GSM Public land mobile network.
9. Study the interference reducing mechanizes in GSM system.
10. Study the operation of global mobile Satellite system.
11. Study the operation of UPT.
12. Visit mobile station (BTS, BSC and MSC etc) and Prepare a report.

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