Telecommunication Jobs Sector

Now a day, There are too many Telecommunications Job all over the world with Bangladesh. It is certified that, Telecommunication Knowledge of a man is called the power of knowledge. The main and popular Jobs of Telecommunication Technology And Information Communication technology:
• Mobile Communications: The main working place of a Telecommunication Engineer, Information Communication Engineer is a mobile company. There are too many Jobs and too many job Category. Part of jobs are- Mobile Concern unit, Technical Division, Specialist team, Sub Assistance Engineer, Assistance Engineer, Network checker, Instruments checker.
• In Telephone Company and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is a Working place for the person who completes telecommunication Course or Graduate in Telecommunication Engineering can work here
• Radar Communications: Radar Means Radio Detection And Ranging. It’s a Electronics Tran-receiver Systems. The Graduate Telecommunication Engineer And The Information Communication Engineers who have sufficient Knowledge Can Work in This Section.
• Satellite Communications: Satellite is one of the Important part of Modern Telecommunication. Satellite Directly Communicate Earth Station in Two Ways. One of Uplink Who send Data or Signal From Earth Station to Satellite. Satellite Receive the Signal and Process. After Processing, Send it again to Earth Station by Down-link. Satellite is situated over 35,800 KM of Earth. International Telecommunication Satellite Organization (INTELSAT) inform that, There are 12 Satellites and 300 Earth Stations all over the world.
• Internet And Computer Network: Internet Means International Network. Three Kinds of computer network everybody use currently, that- LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). Telecommunication Engineers can work in a Networking Sector.
• Microwave Communications: The Communication system 30 MHz or More than it Frequency based wave Send to different place by the Blank Space is Called Microwave Communication. A Telecommunication Engineer Can Work on Microwave Communications Working Place.
• Radio And Television Station: A Telecommunication Engineer or a Information Communication Engineer can work as a Broadcast and Telecast Engineers of desire Radio and Television Station.

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