Teletalk All Minute Pack 2021 – Teletalk Minute Offer

Teletalk is the only government mobile operator SIM company in Bangladesh. Teletalk SIM has millions of SIM users who talk to Teletalk and use Teletalk data. Many of the Teletalk SIM users do not know the relationship between all Teletalk Minute packages. Teletalk offers weekly, monthly, and daily data packages for its customers.

It is worth mentioning here that Teletalk offers Minute packages at very affordable prices. Today I will discuss all the Minute packages of Teletalk. The USSD code for activating the Minute packages of Teletalk, its usage time, price, and all the details will be given in this container. You can activate any package of your choice. The article should be read carefully.

25 minutes pack for Teletalk 13 taka

Minute pack 25 minutes
Recharge 13 rupees
Activation code * 111 * 13 #
Use Any operator
Expiration 2 days

Teletalk 60 minute offer

You will get Teletalk 60 minutes for only Tk 44. For this you have to dial * 111 * 44 #, validity is 5 days, it can be used on any operator.

Minute pack 60 minutes
Recharge 44 rupees
Activation code * 111 * 44 #
Use Any operator
Expiration 5 days

 Teletalk big minutes

Among the big Teletalk big minute packs are 143 minutes at Tk 8, 48 minutes at Tk 26, validity is 1 month. I am also discussing Ananya Gul.

Amount Price Active code Time
১৪৩ ৮৬ *111*86#  7 days
৪৭৭ ২৮৭  *111*287# 30 days

  Teletalk offers 175 minutes 97 sms 

This is one of the biggest offers of Teletalk Minute. In this offer you get 175 minutes and 96 SMS for 98 taka. 10 days validity This offer allows you to use minutes and SMS to any network number in the country.

Minute pack 185 minutes
SMS 96
Recharge 101 rupees
Activation code *111*1010#
Use Any operator
Expiration 10 days


  1. All prepaid customers will be able to enjoy these offers.
  2. Customers can purchase the offer by dialing the code.
  3. Customers can avail this offer as many times as they want.
  4. If the customer subscribes to the same bundle pack again in validity, the maximum expiration time will be considered.
  5. Minutes can be used at any time of the day.
  6. 1 second pulse will apply.
  7. Upon expiration, customers will enjoy their existing flagship package.
  8. Prices include SD, VAT and SC.