Teletalk Internet Package 2021

Teletalk Internet Package 2021 list you will get in this post. Many people use Teletalk Internet. Most of them use the same internet Package. Most probably, they don’t know about Teletalk’s Latest Internet Package 2021. In this post, we have Added Teletalk Internet Package List, Activation Code, Validity, Internet Balance Check, Validity Check, and some other useful information. Day by Day we are adding more information in this post which is asked by the Customer. So, you can also ask any question for us. If possible, we will add the Answer quickly in this post.

Teletalk Internet Package

Teletalk Internet Package List 2021(Regular Pack):

Here is the complete list of Teletalk Regular Internet Package 2021 and Teletalk Internet Offer 2021. SO, Read the below Package and Choose the best one for you.

Date & Price
Active Code Validity Recharge
1GB @ Tk.23 *111*611# 7 days Tk. 23
1GB @ Tk.46 *111*46# 30 days Tk.46
2GB @ Tk.85 *111*85# 30 days Tk.85
3GB @ Tk.63 *111*63# 10 days Tk.63
5GB @ Tk.97 *111*97# 10 days Tk.97
10GB @Tk.198 *111*198# 15 days Tk.198

Teletalk Internet Offers 2021:

Welcome to Teletalk internet offer I will present with you a low price internet offer and package That will ease your internet use. you are using teletalk prepaid sim then this offers for you. Stay with us.

Date & Price
Active Code Validity Recharge
60 MB @ Tk.9 *111*501# 3 days Tk.9
3GB @ Tk.33 *111*33# 3 days Tk.33
250MB @ Tk.24 *111*503# 7 days Tk.24
500MB @ Tk.39 *111*513# 10 days Tk.39
2.5GB @ Tk.78 *111*511# 10 days Tk.78
3GB @ Tk.201 *111*531# 30 days Tk.201
5GB @ Tk.301 *111*532# 30 days Tk.301
8GB @ Tk.391 *111*533# 30 days Tk.391
10 GB @ Tk.445 *111*550# 30 days Tk.445
15GB @Tk.649 *111*551# 30 days Tk.649
30GB @ Tk.1169 *111*553# 30 days Tk.1169
45GB @ Tk.1669 *111*554# 30 days Tk.1669
65GB @ Tk. 2225 *111*555# 30 days Tk.2225


  • 1GB@ Tk.43 (Validity 30 Days)
  • 5GB @ Tk.87 (internet validity 15 days)
  • 10GB @ Tk.169 (Data validity 30 days)

Condition Of Teletalk Internet Package 2021:

  • Unused data will be carried forward if the same data package is availed before the expiration of the existing Teletalk Internet Package 2021
  • To subscribe to any data plan, type “subscription code” in the message option and send it to 111. For example, to subscribe weekly 2.5GB 3G Data plan, Type D58 & send to 111.
  • The recharge amount stated in the recharge trigger column will automatically activate the corresponding data pack.
  • After the expiration of the availed data package, the pay-per-use policy will be applied. The pay-per-use data rate is 1 Paisa/15 KB ( for the Oporajita package, 1 Paisa/30 KB).
  • To check the usage of volume bundled package write ‘u’ and send SMS to 111 (free of charge)  and to know the balance dial *152#

Teletalk internet package agami:

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is the Full name of Teletalk. It is the only Operator powered by Bangladesh Government. Teletalk needs on Many Place where you can’t use other operator Number. While someone will use Teletalk SIM permanently, definitely he/she will help Bangladesh to grow. We recommend you to choose Teletalk and use it. You can also change your Current SIM network to Teletalk from other operators via MNP. Some Attractive offer is available for you. Just see Teletalk MNP Offer 2021and get a Special Internet Offer with the lowest Call Rate.

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