How to use USB Modem Quickly

This is an Important Tutorial for the students of Telecommunication Technology and Telecommunication Engineers. Telecommunication Engineers always works with Internet. Let we know about a USB Modem Quick Start Guide. Check the below data and make an experience about the USB Modem user Manual.

Getting to Know Your Device:
Your Device supports Data and SMS Service through the mobile phone network, enabling you to communicate anytime and anywhere. The following figure is only for your reference. A USB Modem has the following part:
• USB (Upper Side Band) Connector
• SIM/USIM Card Slot
• Micro SD Card Slot
• Modem (Modulation and Demodulation) Cap
• Front Cover


Installation Guide:
• Press and push the front cover and remove it.
Note: Do not open the front cover rudely so as to avoid the damage of the front cover.
• Insert the SIM/USIM card into the SIM/USIM Card Slot. Insert the SIM/USIM card with the metal contact area facing downwards into the slot, and then push the SIM/USIM card as far as possible.
• Insert the micro SD Card into the micro SD Card slot.
Note: The USB Modem only supports micro SD card. Micro SD Card is a Trademark of SD card Association.
• Put the front cover flatly upon the body of modem and push the front cover to lock the cover in its place.

How to connecting the Modem into your PC (Personal Computer) or Laptop:

• Plug the USB Connector into the USB Port and make sure it is tightly inserted.
• The OS (Operating System) automatically detects and recognizes new hardware and starts the installation wizard.

Installing Software:
On Different Operating systems, the installation procedures may be difference. Follow the operating system prompts during operation.

For Windows OS:
Your system will start the software setup process automatically when you connect the modem to your computer correctly. Follow the system prompts to complete the software installation.
Note: If the system does not launch installation automatically, you can run the installation manually in path of My Computer.

For Mac OS:
The system will automatically display a CD-ROM (Compact Disk- Read Only Memory) icon on the Desktop, when you connect the modem to your computer correctly. Double click the software installation package and follow the systems prompts to complete the software installation.

How to Remove the Modem from your PC or Laptop:
You need to disconnect the software and close the Application Program. Then you can pull out the USB Modem Safely.


Terms and Condition of using your USB Modem:

Warning and Notice to the Owner:
• Some electronic devices are susceptible to electromagnetic interference sent by modem if inadequately shielded, such as the electronic system of vehicles. Please consult the manufacturer of the device before using the modem if necessary.
• Operating of Laptop and Desktop PCs and the Modem may interfere with medical devices like hearing aids and pacemakers. Please always keep them more than 20 centimeters away from such medical devices when they are turned on. Turn the modem off if necessary. Consult a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device before using the modem.
• Be aware of the usage limitation when using a modem at places such as oil warehouses or chemical factories, where there are explosive gases or explosive products being processed. Turn off your modem if required.
• The use of electronic transmitting devices is forbidden in aircraft’s, at petrol station and in hospitals. Please observe and obey all warning signs and switch off your modem in these conditions.
• Do not touch the inner antenna area if not necessary. Otherwise it will affect your modems performance.
• Store the modem out of the reach of little children. The modem may cause injury if used as a toy.
• Do not touch the metallic parts of the modem so as to avoid a burn, when the modem is working.

Using Your USB Modem:
• Please use original accessories or accessories that are authorized. Using any unauthorized accessories may affect your modems performance.
• Avoid using the modem near or inside metallic structure or establishments that can emit electromagnetic waves. Otherwise it may influence signal reception.
• The modem is not waterproof. Please keep it dry and store in a shady and cool place.
• Do not use the modem immediately after a sudden temperature change. In such case, it will produce dew inside and outside the modem, so don’t use it until it becomes dry.
• Handle the modem carefully. Do not drop, bend or strike it. Otherwise the modem will be damaged.
• No dismantling by non-professionals and only qualified technicians can undertake repair work
• Operating temperature range of -10̊ C to +60 ̊C are recommendation.


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