GP Internet Prepaid SIM 2020

If You Choosing GP Internet Prepaid SIM (Subscriber Identification Module), You Need to Know that GP Design this SIM Card Exclusively. By Collecting a GP Internet Prepaid SIM Card You can:
• Browse the Net and Data Service
• Send and Receive SMS
• Upload and Download Pictures, Songs, Music or content of your choice.

How to Use it: You need an EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for GMS Evolution) or HSPA (High-Speed Package Access) internet modem to use this SIM. Here GMS Mean Global System for Mobile. Follow the step below to install the SIM:
• Insert the SIM to the SIM card Slot of the Modem (Modulation and Demodulation)
• Install the Modem to your PC (Personal Computer) or Laptop

If you use a GP internet Modem, There is no hassle of configuring the SIM as it is pre-configured.

How to Choose Internet Package:
You have to choose any of the following GP internets Package that suits your need provides on GP internet Modem. You can Visit GP Internet to know more about all Internet Package that is powered by GP.
Without the Previous ways, you can activate any data pack by dialing *111*6*1#. After Dialing You will receive two types of data plan: One of 2G (Second Generation) and Another is 3G (Third Generation) or 4G. It fully depends on you and your Locations. Location means where you live. The Network Coverage of there availability. You can check it full free from the official website of GP.
To Subscribe, SMS the Name of your chosen internet package (Example: P1, P2, P3, P4) to 5000, After Activation, You will be sent a conformation Message and you are ready to go.

For any Query, You can email (Electronics Mail) for Customer Supported and service:

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