Vitamin A plus campaign 2019 has started on 22 June 2019

Vitamin a plus campaign 2019! Vitamin a plus campaign 2019 has been started. Vitamin A capsule is very important for every child.   Giving children vitamin A capsule keeps them safe from night-blindness and many other Sickness. Vitamin A capsules under the nationwide event which maintain by the Health workers and volunteers. They will feed the capsules to around 2.2 crore children.

These capsules are important for between six months and five years children. They have must need this Vitamin. It keeps all children healthy and also from night-blindness.

Bangladesh Health education board will provide this service freely for every Bangladeshi Citizen. Bangladeshi Health Minister Zahid Malik inaugurated the program at Dhaka Shishu Hospital at 8 am.

So which children need to feed Vitamin plus capsules kindly go there. And feed it. If you have a child between six months and five years. Kindly make sure that your children take this Vitamin.

Vitamin a plus campaign 2019 will close soon. Before closing, you should need to take this vitamin for the child.

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